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'I met this man about one-and-a-half years ago and I knew he liked to dress in women's clothes. We got along well and I didn't see it to be a problem but we soon moved in together and things began to get much worse.

He started wanting to dress up as a woman and be tied up during sex more and more. It's now got to the point where all he talks about is dressing up and wearing stockings, everywhere we go. He's always looking for stockings to buy when we're at the shops and when we're watching the telly, he says things like "Look hun, she has stockings on - you know who else likes stockings don't you!".

He's started wearing my clothes which makes me really mad and our sex life has gone to pot. He loves to tie himself up and when he does that he makes himself ejaculate, but we hardly ever actually have sex. On the rare occasions that we do get down to it, it's fast and no fun and he finds it hard to keep an erection.

I really feel like I'm nothing to him. He tells me he loves me but I don't believe him - it's all about the women's clothes now. I don't feel sexy any more, I don't even feel like the woman of the house as he's more of a woman than I am. I don't feel like putting on girls' clothes any more, it makes me feel sick and sometimes he says things like "That would look better on me".

Lately, he's even started wearing make-up, fake boobs and a wig which is just too much to cope with! I really need help. I'm getting ready to tell him I'm done with him and I need a man who satisfies me in bed and in life but I do still love him.

I just can't take it that dressing up as a woman is more important to him than being with me. I wouldn't even mind if it was just once in a while but now he's started going out for walks in public like that. Please can any one help me - what should I do?


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i think you should try getting him to dress full time as a woman for a short period say six months or so. get him to go have his hair done or a wig if he has not got much up top. make sure he is clean shaven at all times, make sure his make up is full all day and make sure he cleans it off at night get him high heels a hand bag and make sure he has it at all times. if he is up for this then and if you still love him get him and your self a boyfriend if he is up for that then get him some help because he wants to be a female and you would be better of with a male who is male fully. i'm not in the frame for this as i have femine wants try it or cut the ties and make a new life for yourt self and be happy.

stuart m

I sometimes think about stockings, but as for wearing them out, i do not think these days that is a wise option, tell him to keep it in the house, have you ever tried role playing in the bedroom, that way he would get his fetish sorted out, you be the man and let him be the woman, can imagine it might just work, not being an expert on this type of thing but 95% of males think about them, me being one of them, no harm done if it is kept to the house.

claire honey

Hi there i'm a transgendered woman, that is male to female! Theres nothing wrong with him wanting to be a woman etc. I do think you need to talk to him though and ask him why sexually he can only function like this? I suggest a sex therapist/councillor, this should do the trick. Perhaps sexually it was something to do with his child hood? Love people who want to wear what they want to! not hate! no one's perfect and we're not 100% male or female either.


Leave him ur not happy

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