Dating after divorce: Tips 6-10

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6. Conversation

Think about it before telling him your life story. He doesn't need to know every detail of your teenage years and the horrors of those pregnancy piles are probably best saved for another night.

7. What to ask him

Similarly, have a think about 5 or 6 things you'd like to know about him, so that if the conversation dries up you have a pre-prepared fall-back question to spark it back to life... 'So tell me about your ideal holiday - what would you do?'

8. Don't divulge too much

Do not give chapter and verse about your divorce, your ex or any unresolved issues. He's a date, not a therapist.

9. Have an escape route

Keep your mobile phone with you at all times. Yes, the 'emergency phone call from a friend' ruse is an ancient one, but short of shimmying out of the bathroom window, it's the easiest way to bring an uncomfortable night to an early end.

10. Don't dwell

If it doesn't work out, don't be upset or sad. You've done it! You've got the first one out of the way! Remember, it's not life or death stuff so if it sucks, who cares?

It was only a few hours out of your life and no matter how bad, the return to dating had to be better than spending the night at home with just a packet of chocolate biscuits for company. That alone is to be celebrated, so go home, pull on the pyjamas and let that friend help you to put it all back into perspective.

Oh, and then decide who's next...

Dating expert, Shari Low is the author of A Brand New Me, £6.99

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