'Cyber sex has ruined my relationship'

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About a year ago, I discovered that my husband had been having cyber sex for quite some time.

Then he started phoning a woman he'd met online until I caught him on the phone to her. Now it's stopped and we've talked about it, but when we're out together he ignores me and flirts with other women.

Our sex life isn't very good any more, we only do it about once or twice a month. He does tell me that he loves me every day and when he's home on the weekend, he gives me loads of kisses and cuddles. But I still don't trust him and I wonder if he really wants to stay with me or is he just waiting for someone else to come along to have a fling with? I feel so hurt and lost.

We've been married for 18 years this month and have two grown-up children. What should I do - do we have a future together?

What do you think about Chrissie's confession? Do you think her man's pushed her too far or after 18 years of marriage should she stick by him? Have your say in the comments section below.

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Too true

Anyone rationalizing his behavior is an irresponsible enabler. He cheated on you. Period. If it was me, I'd move on. He'll always be the man who wants to be with other women.


This always makes me laugh. Men like sex and typically its more than women, there are some exceptions but that seems to be the rule. Your guy is with you because he wants to be with you however I would suspect that you have been turning him down in bed. What he isnt getting with you he will get somewhere else. Consider yourself lucky that all it was was cyber sex and chatting and nothing more. If you want this relationship to go places then start talking and start giving each other what each other wants or this is doomed, end it now and save the heartache.


Okay, some would say he is a pig.... the reality is... men have huge "aging" issues!! They need to feel like they are still desirable... they are still "the man"!! They lack the emotional release that women have because that is how they have been socialized........ We all need to feel as though we are desirable but really... make sure you feel good in your own skin... 100% to you then anything else!! SO..... knock your mans socks off!!! There are multiple ways to do that.... a weekend away, or even a night!! Set it up... have some pre selected music set up before hand... do a strip tease for him.... whatever you feel comfortable doing!! Get his eyes open to the real woman in his life.... then see what you can't do from there!! You can certainly "google" date options... romance... whatever?? Do it as much for yourself as for him and have fun with it!!!! Good Luck with whatever you choose!!


Giv him a reason to chase u,... be less preditable,... tease him and make him realize that what you hav other men wish to taste it... but dont cheat on him... that wil be the d end... In short lift-up those boobs and shake that ass and do sumthing that has a meaning in ur life outside of his life or control. Be happy without his influence.


Every relationship has a chance but you have to understand stand it takes hard work, and not just from you from him too. His being attentive to you tells me that he still loves you, maybe he is looking for more excitement, is there anyway you could make things more interesting in the bedroom? Play out his fantasies for example. Whatever happens, his cyber sex is still cheating and it's nothing your doing wrong, sometimes men just don't realise what they've got till it's gone.


I think he's a pig and he doesn't deserve you. Cyber sex and phone sex is still cheating! Even if its not physical. Stand up for yourself!

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