Age-gap relationships - The good news

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Guess how old these celebs are?

Re-assess your make-up - what suited you ten years ago may not do now. Try some of these other anti-ageing beauty tips.

Having a younger man really can be as much fun as it sounds! There are also loads of benefits in it for them...

1. Older women look fantastic

Women like Carol Vorderman, Helen Mirren, Lulu and Emma Thompson look sleeker and sexier than in their mousey 20s. (You may remember that Lulu, 60, never denied her rumoured fling with Take That's Jason Orange, 38.)

Older women are very attractive to younger men. New Scientist magazine showed men pictures of attractive older women and ordinary younger women. In nearly every case, the men chose the older woman.

2. Older women are sexier

Sexiness is not just in the eye of the beholder - it's in the hormones. Men's testosterone and sex drive tail off in their 40s. Women's sex hormone levels peak in their 30s and stay more or less level for the next 20 years - or longer if they use hormone replacements, some of which are proven aphrodisiacs.

3. Goodbye fertility

Most women beyond their late 30s have 'been there, done that' with the fertility rollercoaster.

An older woman doesn't choose a man for his fatherly potential, and sex is no longer about having (or avoiding) kids. It's all about you and him, and sex is now purely for fun. Lucky him!

4. Older women are happier

Studies have shown that women thrive emotionally as they age, making them more attractive companions.

Dr Elizabeth Breeze of University College London found that while older women get happier as they age, men don't. In the words of actress Helen Mirren (more gorgeous than ever at 63), men 'become grumpy old men'.

5. Older women are more independent

A woman's financial and emotional security grows as the years pass. Older women have their own homes and careers, and don't need a man to support them. She's also had enough relationships to know what she does and doesn't want from love.

6. Older women give great conversation

Age means experience means conversation. As women go through life, they learn about life, gain intellectual confidence and have all sorts of experiences. In short, they're more fun to talk to.

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