Best outdoor sex spots

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A couple kissing outside

1. Your back garden

If you're slightly nervous, then this is the perfect place to start because you get all benefits of being outside with the privacy of being near home.
Danger rating: 2/5. As long as you get behind a hedge or fence and don't sprawl in the middle of the lawn, you should be safe
Thrill factor: 3/5. You're doing it outside... just
Best position: The Manhandle Her - you can stand up for this one, which might make it easier if you're hiding behind a hedge.

2. The woods

This is one to do on a night out and really spice things up. Just head off the beaten track a little and find a suitable tree or comfortable pile of fallen leaves.
Danger rating: 3/5. Steer clear of colourful clothing and keep an eye out for ramblers and nosy dogs!
Thrill factor: 4/5. This is true outdoor sex
Best position: Standing up - the perfect use of a tree

3. On the beach

Try to find a secluded sand dune or a bit of beach hidden by rocks - and make sure you take a blanket. Sand gets everywhere, you know!
Danger rating: 5/5. If you try this abroad, make sure you check their local laws - some countries are much stricter than the UK.
Thrill factor: 4/5. There's a reason why Sex on the Beach is such a popular cocktail!
Best position: The Scissors - perfect if you're trying not to be noticed

4. In the sea

If the beach is a bit too public for you, venture out into the ocean for some underwater fun. Being in water can often make your skin more sensitive, too.
Danger rating: 2/5. Just be careful of people getting a goggle-eye view
Thrill factor: 4/5. You'll be able to see everyone else without them seeing you!
Best position: Squeeze-him-tight - extra buoyancy in the water means you won't need the stool!

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5. In a field

This assumes you live near the countryside - but this is a classic place to get down to it in the open air. Be warned, though - hay isn't as comfortable as you might think.
Danger rating: 4/5. Make sure there are no tractors around - the farmer might not be best impressed.
Thrill factor: 5/5. The stuff of teenage fantasies - fantastic if you do it on a cloudless night.
Best position: Sultry Saddle - if you're in the country, why not go for a ride

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Really omg ME and my husband have done it though oh well


Sex seems to be equated with penile-vaginal intercourse which is a rather narrow view of sex. Water is a lousy lubricant and tends to dilute/wash away natural (vaginal) lubrication, so trying to have the aforementioned 'sex' in the sea (ocean, river, pond, hot tub, etc.) can be difficult/uncomfortable.

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