Dreaming of sex with a stranger

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Sex dreams
Dreams of having sex with a hazy figure are very common and can be very puzzling.

The stranger could have a face and be someone you believe you've never seen before or could be a completely blank person who is simply there to pleasure you.

Understanding your sex dreams

The fantasy bit:

This is something you probably would never do in real life so the fantasy comes in exploring a wild and erotic side without the real life consequences.

What does it mean?

Well, stranger sex can mean a number of things. The overall act of having sex with a stranger could mean a desire for more excitement and risk in your life. It may mean you want more passion and to seek new thrills with new people. It can be a way of showing you that you've got needs and desires you haven't yet confronted because you've been too over-protective of yourself. The stranger acts as a blank canvas for you to discover new things about yourself.

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The stranger him or herself may also represent someone in your life you're trying to get to know on a deeper level but are struggling to make progress with - someone you want to find out more about. They may be a positive or negative force in your life depending on the emotions you feel in the dream.

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