Sex dreams about your ex!

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Sex dreams
Dreaming of wild sex with an ex can be both a thrilling and upsetting experience.

Dreams like these can bring back floods of memories, reawaken old emotions, and if you're with a new partner can make you feel incredibly guilty and afraid that you still have feelings for your ex.

Understanding your sex dreams

The fantasy bit:

Your subconscious may not have caught up with your conscious mind, and may still harbour memories you thought you'd repressed or removed. Just because your ex has gone from your life, doesn't mean they're not still present in your subconscious thoughts.

What does it mean?

Recurrent ex sex dreams may mean you have some unresolved issues or have deep feelings you're not ready to let go of. If you have a brief encounter with an old flame it could represent anything you associate with him such as freedom, youth or passion. It can mean that you want to return to those things and that you want more spontaneity or excitement in your life. It can also represent discontent with the present and a nostalgic look to the past.

It might also be the case that you do want your ex back and this is your subconscious mind's way of releasing some sexual tension.

It could also simply mean that you've thought of your ex during the day and have reminisced about the good times you had together.

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Have you had a dream you've cheated on your partner?

Fear not! Although you may wake up feeling guilty, dreams like these usually come after making a big decision about something such as getting engaged or moving in together. It's a sudden rush of all your insecurities and feelings of 'what if' flooding into your dream life. If you dream about your partner cheating on you this often is a sign of your insecurities about his/her commitment to you.

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