Dreaming of sex with a celebrity!

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Sex dreams
Dreaming about a wild night of passion with Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt is a dream come true for many of us! Who wouldn't want to have their dreaming life filled with steamy romps with rippling celeb hunks?

These dreams can be seductively fun and you'll certainly wake up with a spring in your step!

Understanding your celeb sex dreams

The fantasy bit:

Well it goes without saying that most of us have celeb crushes and if you're lucky enough to be treated to a hot under-the-sheets session with your fave hunk then it's very likely to be a simple wish fulfilment.

Dream meaning

Some psychologists believe that dreaming of celeb sex represents a desire to be popular and successful. They claim it's to do with social ambition, that you crave higher social status and want a taste of fame and fortune.

It's more commonly believed that celeb sex dreams reveal a desire to feel more special and to be romanced in a way that's a bit out of the ordinary. It's escapism to a fantasy world of romance novels and romantic movies and there's no harm in that provided that you keep it lighthearted!

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E Morris

good info


I have had a very steamy dream that i was being dominated by captain jack sparrow.... I have a thing for johnny depp, the embarrassing thing is that i had an orgasm in my sleep with my husband lay in bed next to me. :-\


i dont have a crush on prad pitt. i do have a celebrity.on matthew healy.he was in emmerdale.i thnk a bout him all the time

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