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Sex positions
Love-life falling a bit flat? We've got a sex position to suit every mood! From Tantric sex to sexual positions for married couples, use our sex position finder to discover your perfect position and get practicing

Find your perfect sex position!

Not feeling your best? We've got sex positions for your fat days. Want your man to last all night long? Check out our Tantric sex guide. Or, if you just want to be a little more adventurous in the bedroom, you can get some inspiration from our 40 fabulous sex positions. We've got sex positions to suit everyone! 

Sex positions finder

Sex Positions

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Kama Sutra positions
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Still not found your perfect sex position? Take our sex position quiz and find one that's right for you!

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Speaking as an adult who's parents divorced when I was 14. It sucked at the time but I'm so happy they are happy. I'd hate to think they'd stayed together for the sake of me and my siblings, especially seeing how much happier they are now. It doesn't have to be the end of your relationship. Do you still love each other? Does he make you happy in otherways? Have you talked to him about your wants and needs? He may feel the same. Communication is paramount. It's easier said than done, yes but never say never,

Jeannie McCarthy

I love just pushing my man into an armless chair and hopping on top and using my feet to control the depth, speed,'s awesome! shower can be tricky - you need to be well lubricated and ready to go and then it's AMAZING....just feels great- the hot's just fabulous


Dear here’s my few testimony words for you as I promise. I want to say your client how wonderful and good you are. You care and help the best way one can expect. And if I can give my counsel to your customers is that they should never hesitate to ask for your help. They would waste their time if they wait because you are the truth that magic works. You made a believer out of me


wow carole, I'm in that same position now and I'm only 24... it's really depressing. I used 2 think itll change but now certain it wont I just dont kno wut 2 do since we have a child.


i am 50 years old and was married for 30 years and no sex life for 25 years. he was never romantic or adventrous between the sheets and i am now divorced and enjoying my single life. i had no friends while i was with him and still don,t and no social life either.


i love to make all the posetion in sex


Down a dark country road on a warm night over the car is a very exciting one for us. As for positions, try sitting your partner on a chair, you sit astride him, facing him, and you get to be in control. He can also 'wiggle' which makes it feel more exciting for you. You can also try facing away from him in the chair, that way he can cup your breasts while you make love. Good luck. TLC


love this sight


Is their anyothert sex position me and my lover can do, without a bed, we've done doggy on carpet, me holding the toliet, standin?g

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