How to flirt: Flirting tips for you

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How to flirt

If you struggle with eye-contact, why not try looking at the space between his eyes instead! That way it looks like you're gazing into his eyes...

Want to get him eating out of the palm of your hand? We've got some fail-safe flirting tips guaranteed to get him hot under the collar, and we let you in on some secret signals from his body language so you can tell exactly how he's feeling!

Flirting tips for you

- Be confident

This is really important when it comes to flirting as confidence is very attractive to men! You might not feel confident on the inside, but if you can act confident then that's half the battle of flirting won. The next tips about body language and eye contact will help too.

You'll still need plenty of confidence when flirting with a long-term partner as it may be tricky reintroducing this behaviour to your relationship. And because your fella's so familiar with you, he might need some gentle encouragement to flirt back!

Confidence tips - Wear clothes you feel sexy in, try experimenting with your hair, make sure you walk tall - don't slouch - and remember to smile. If you're flirting with a man you know, wear something you know he likes!

- Maintain strong eye-contact:

Your eyes are far more expressive than you might think. Locking eyes with a man for a long period of time is a sign you're both attracted to each other and can be a very sensual and intimate experience. Jean says: 'In my research, eye-contact was the number one way people could tell if someone was flirting with them, and were able to differentiate between if someone was flirting or just being friendly. In the former, eye-contact was held for longer, and the eyes moved to the lips and then back to the eyes again.'

Eye-contact tips - Keep your head up and don't let your eyes wander around the room. Try thinking sexy thoughts while maintaining eye-contact with him and your eyes will have an added sparkle.

- Use positive body language:

Jean says non-verbal communication makes up 80% of communication - so be aware of what your body is saying! Don't fold your arms, hang your head, or hunch your body - this is closed body language. Instead straighten your back, angle your body towards him, and let your arms move freely. Smiling is important too and while you don't want to grin like a loon, it's good to give little smiles to let people know you appreciate talking to him.

Body language tips - Practice in the mirror. Look at your posture and find a comfortable pose, ask a friend for their opinion too. Try imagining there's an invisible string pulling your spine and neck upwards. Give yourself smiles in the mirror as well and make sure your eyes are smiling too.

- Beware bad habits!

We're all guilty of having a few quirks with our body language. Covering our mouth with our drink, fiddling with something or tapping our feet are all ways we might appear nervous and can confuse the signals we're sending out to our flirt buddy.

- Flirting with your partner:

Revive that element of the unknown and surprise your man by taking him on a mystery date somewhere romantic. All the above tips still apply and encourage him to flirt back!

Top flirting tip for couples - Don't be embarrassed to flirt, remember it's how you got together in the first place! If you feel too self-conscious to flirt with your man, try a bit of fun role-play and act out the scenario of two strangers meeting for the first time - this can really help.

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