Flirting tips: How to tell if he's flirting with you

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Flirting tips
So you've tried our flirting tips - but you're still not sure if he's flirting back. Luckily for us his body language provides all the answers...

Flirting tips: How to tell if he's flirting with you

What are his eyes doing? A look says more than a thousand words! Unless he's very good at bluffing, if a fella likes you he'll keep looking at your mouth - imagining what it'd be like to kiss you. His eyes will travel from your mouth to your eyes, in long, lingering movements and work their way through what's known as the 'flirting triangle'. The triangle might get extended and he might steal glances at the rest of your body too.

Is he blinking a lot? When we're attracted to another person we'll blink more and the pupils in our eyes increase in size. If you want to test his attraction to you, try blinking more to see if he unconsciously mirrors this - it can also help him find you even more attractive. And this is most likely the reason why women are said to flutter their eyelashes at men!

Are your bodies in sync? Mirroring your body language is the clearest sign of flirting. If you tilt your head and he tilts his head, then he's likely to be interested. On the other hand, he's also more likely to find you attractive if you mirror his body language too as he'll subconsciously find it flattering. So if he takes a sip of his drink - you take a sip of yours, but give it half a minute before you mirror him so he can see it. It goes without saying that there's certain body language you shouldn't mirror!

Is his body angled towards you? Whether he realises it or not, if he likes you his body will point towards you. He's likely to display positive body language and face his body right at you. And check out his feet - if they're pointing towards you then you're in with a chance!

Is he touching or teasing you? This is going back to playground behaviour when a boy would go out of his way to pull your hair or call you names because he secretly liked you! And while things may have changed a little since then, this touchy teasey behaviour is still a guy's way of flirting - the main difference is that in the adult playground he wants you to know he's into you!

Is he smiling a lot? Flirting is fun, so expect him to be laying on some extra smiles for you. And if he's attracted to you he'll be enjoying your flirting so much he won't be able to hide the smiles.

Is he asking lots of questions? If he's asking you about yourself and keeping the conversation going then it's a great sign he's interested and wants to find out more about you. Think about his conversation, if he's also showing off a little then this can be a sign he's trying to impress you!

If his body has answered 'yes' to three or more of these questions - then you're most definitely in with a chance, so go for it!

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