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Relationship problems
Are you having relationship problems? Perhaps you've recently split from your partner, or maybe he's cheated on you. Are work commitments pulling you apart? Our experts tackle some of your relationship problems and offer practical advice...

Even the most perfect of all relationships can hit rough patches. Whether it's serious and long-term issues or more straightforward hitches, our relationship experts are on hand to offer you advice and tips on how to sort out your relationship problems and have an easy and happy ride!

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Relationship problem file


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Hi Darren, Thanks for your comment. We apologise if this may have seemed sexist - of course we aren't suggesting that men are the only ones who cheat - however because we are primarily a women's website we write our features for women from a woman's perspective. Many thanks.

Darren Adams

I notice in your first paragraph that you state " maybe he has cheated you" rather sexist I believe!, or have I missed the point that females are exempt from cheating too?. For the record this site I,m sure has it's equal amount of male readers too, of which I am one.

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