Ask Emma: Should I try to love him?

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 WomanWe've teamed up with our sister magazine Woman's Own and their counsellor Emma Marlin to solve your relationship problems. This week she helps a woman who is not sure she will ever be in love with her new partner.

It's been a hard slog since my husband left five years ago, but my friends and family got me through. A few weeks ago one of my old work mates confessed he'd been in love with me since we'd worked together. He said he wanted to be with me and be a Dad to my kids. We've started ‘dating' but I feel overwhelmed by how ‘in love' he appears to be and I'm not sure I can match his feelings!

- Penny, Kent


  Emma MarlinEmma's advice


This man may appear to be head-over-heels in love, but he's probably also overwhelmed he's got something he's wanted for so long - you! So my advice is to just hang in there and take things slowly. He may be keen to go full speed into a relationship but after five years on your own, I imagine you are feeling a bit rushed. Ask him to slow down. The truth is that you both need to get to know who each other really is. You are not the commitment-free young woman he once worked with and he is sure to have changed too. The key is to be 100 per cent honest with this man at every step. Try not to get distracted by his feelings and to stay with your own and you can't go wrong.


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