Sex? We'd prefer it if you did the washing up please darling...

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Do you prefer a tidy house to sex?

Brits think that having a tidy home is better than sex and going on holiday, a survey has revealed.

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According to the recent report into household habits, 36% voted cleanliness as their top priority at home while just 18% said sex. It also revealed that a tidy home was more important than holidays or a good night out, and that a massive 46% would be more annoyed by an untidy home than traffic jams, telephone hold music or traffic wardens.


Applicance maker Beko, who surveyed 3,500 adults, also discovered that according to 26% of women their other halves don't do any jobs around the house. With men thinking they spend 11 hours a week on chores and women claiming it's more like less than 5 hours, it's clear where a lot of arguments can stem from!


Do you think the household jobs are shared equally between you and your partner? Or do you find yourself doing the majority of the work? Let us know in the comment box below... 

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