9 reasons bald men make the very best partners

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Bald men
If you have a baldy in your life, well then ladies... you'll know exactly what we're saying.

While other women ogle and dribble over the hairy Beckhams and Pitts of this world, you sit silently wondering why all the fuss over a man with so much hair on his head? You smile inwardly knowing the benefits of having a baldy for your other half, and we don't blame you.

Those hair-free lovelies make just the best partners and we have 9 reasons why, but shhh, don't tell too many people, otherwise everyone will want one...

Reason 1: They're low maintenance

There's nothing less manly than your bloke asking if his hair has been messed up on a particularly windy day. Or catching sight of him stealing a glimpse in a reflective surface while he checks out his locks. Just. No.

Reason 2: They're confident

There's something about a bold bald fella that just makes them ooze confidence and charisma. Or maybe we've just watched Die Hard too many times...

Reason 3: They're tough

Ok, this one is a bit of a cliché, but come on, there's no mistaking a bald man wouldn't think twice about getting rid of that nasty spider or checking what that creak downstairs was in the middle of the night? Well, we bet Jason would...

Reason 4: They're shower friendly

Ladies, spend a bit more on that fancy shampoo safe in the knowledge that he's not going to use it all up in the shower every morning. Which means he's not going to moan that you bought the fruitiest girliest-smelling one either!

Reason 5: Their best bits shine through

Whoever fell for someone because of their hair? Chances are your bloke won your heart with those amazing eyes, that cheeky grin or those sweet dimples - and baldies have the extra advantage of these traits being even more noticeable!

Reason 6: They don't need at-home hairdressers

There's nothing more frustrating than being asked to get the trimmers out and tidy up his hair, to be met with moans that we didn't do it right or missed a bit. Bald men can be out the door in flashest of flashes, result!

Reason 7: They're over the 'I'm going bald!' meltdowns

The relationship between a man and his hair is a tricky one, and when he gets to that certain age when lines become receded and patches start appearing, it can be a tad traumatic. Having a baldy to begin with cuts all that out - phew!

Reason 8: They have more testosterone

Ok so a bit of extra testosterone can be good and bad when you're living with it 24/7, but there's something about having a partner with a little bit of a glint in their eye. Enough said!

Reason 9: They're manly

Ladies, there's a reason why Bruce Willis, Jason Stathom and, er, Jake Wood are some of the toughest most manly blokes on the telly - their bald heads seem to give them an innate sense of toughness that those regular hairy men don't have. Crazy. But true.

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1) these are all actors. OK. 2) most of these reasons sure are fluffy. Of course, the title didn't say "top", good, or important. To the fellow below, it doesn't say gay or straight, either. One inference is that "as within, so without," that the out appearance reflects the inner truth. May be. The real kick I get is about how much money and hype are spent pretending that baldness is a "disease", when it's really simply a normal human animal genetic cosmetic variant. In the medical literature there are famous dermatologists and plastic surgeons who work all their lives to develop cosmetic techniques like hair transplant. Bully for them. There are of course people who are bald as the result of autoimmune or other disease but that's not what were talking about here,


Don't be fooled by the inaccurate hype. Men with baldies have no more testosterone than other men you guys just have over sensitive hair follicles to DHT which is derived from testosterone due to small holes in the skin. In other words you have leaky follicles in your head!


What about this being men for men. Yes, this is a sexist article. A masculine man can also be gay. So, this should speak for all types. :-P


and me!! its so true! the rest are jealous that they have a soppy man!


My man is ginger and balding, he floats my boat and i wouldnt change it for anything ! its such a manly, alpha look and i would hate him fussing over his hairstyle, how childish! He doesnt have time in between fixing cars and building houses....and yep thats stereotypical , and true!!! Gotta love a Ginge!


because of Walter White


"Ladies, spend a bit more on that fancy shampoo safe in the knowledge that he's not going to use it all up in the shower every morning": Anyone else find this ludicrously sexist?


I just love bald men ....My man is not a natural balddie. He chooses to be he shaves his head on a regular basis... And yes he is all of the above


Written by a bald man who is still in the grievance period perhaps?


were any of them bald?


Wow - WAHT and Randy Bollocks, Tee was making a joke..... who's the idiot?


The whole idea of men having to be 'Manly' in order to be attractive is actually rather sexist and does not encourage equality for all. Everyone should be able to be who they truly are without such ridiculous social pressure.

keith hogwood

3 pic of bald men ffs they all had hair at one point fact


Is it just me that finds this whole article extremely sexist? Like, if a man wrote this about women people would be baying for blood.. The first one is completely wrong, no man can ever look in a mirror cause that's not manly? Fucking really!? A woman should never leave the kitchen, cause that's so unfeminine.. Double standards.


Sounds pretty sexist to me. It's ok for women to write articles like this, right?


i love my baldy! and its all true !

Randy Baldilocks

Congratulations on looking like a pillock.


you're an idiot - people who have already GONE bald (naturally, not shaved) have more testosterone.

Bald Tees

Well, this list makes me feel better about being bald. :)


9 different ways to clutch at straws. What a load of old rag.


I love that one of the reasons is that they have more testosterone. I'm going to cite this page as proof when I pass on this gem of wisdom. If you ever need more testosterone, just shave your head and your body will sense the lack of hair and immediately pump you full of it. That must be why some of the more masculine lesbians prefer shorter hair. They're just channeling that testosterone.

Gail Richardson

Do not agree at all and I have known a lot of baddies!


If your going to put a reason as "being more manly", can I suggest that you do so without showing a picture of a man wearing sequins on his shirt, cos there is nothing at all manly about that


this is simply silly without end! hehehe how can someone get paid to write this nonsense!


Most of them reasons are based round grooming time...surely in a life long partnership that shouldn't be the be all and end all!

joe schmoe

I have 2 bald heads !


Woman are all looking for money not testosterone


BS unless you drive a nice car and can spend loads of $$$ girls do not even piss on your shoes.


And women find me physically attractive because I know how to engage them and talk to them (amazing how using your intellect can increase your sex appeal). But let's suppose that I got numbers magically based on my physical appearance alone.. wouldn't that negate everything you've been bitching about when it comes to baldness? "The vast majority of women DO NOT want anything to do with bald men."


No, you get women because they find you physically attractive. Nothing to do with game. Might want to stop fooling yourself.


No, you're definitely a bitter bald guy with no game. I'm 26, been bald for about 3 years. Shaved it when I noticed the thinning and the patchiness. I have zero problem talking to or dating attractive women (especially older women--10+ years older than me). Your post reeks of self-pity and low self-esteem. THAT is what makes you wholly unattractive to another person--you obviously don't love yourself, so how can you expect someone else to love you at all? If someone were to put you and I in a room with a milf, a cougar, and a college girl, and you have a full head of hair while I rock my Jason Statham, I'm getting all of their numbers and probably taking the cougar to bed. I'll gladly put money on that.


Actually it is very manly. Being manly is about being brave and not submissive to other people's expectations. The least manly guys you will see are afraid to stand out or be judged,


Could also have something to do with the fact that all those guys are RICH !!!

David R Cooke

I have a very small willy, so I am going to write a big long blog about how small willies are best.

jim hampton

You are probably a fat, stupid bitch.

Sonali Chandna

It is a fact that hermaphrodites never lose any hair on their head, perhaps that is what you are.


Lots? In what world are 'lots' of women attracted to bald men? Whats the percentage? Do parents make little girls believe that prince charming can or should be bald? Is the leading actor in a chick flick ever bald? Are men with receding hairlines ever the front men in fashion magazines? You calling me a bitter old man is hilarious given how completely ignorant you are on the matter. The vast majority of women DO NOT want anything to do with bald men. You'll never hear a woman openly say it because its not 'politically correct' nor do they want to seem shallow... but you know damn well that baldness is incredibly disrespected.


You sound like a bitter bald man. Lots of women are attracted to and have great respect for bald men. Bald is sexy. Perhaps you are referring to 'balding men' who can't let go of the comb over?


Please know that you're wrong.

jaredyjaredy .

Testosterone MAKES people hairy. That's why women tend not to have body hair while men do. You're citing a piece of junk-science designed to make bald men feel more potent.

jaredyjaredy .

It's not a "health condition" - it's nature's way of telling you you're past it.

jaredyjaredy .

I bet he's glad that he's losing the ginger - nature can be kind sometimes after all!

jaredyjaredy .

No, that's a stereotype. Some of us hate Lady Gaga & Judy Garland too.

jaredyjaredy .

Crap article designed to make bald men feel less inadequate. Fail.


In reality, women have little to no respect for bald men. A bald man has never been on a womans list of prince charming. You'll never see a bald guy as the main character in a chick flick. Ask in person what women think of bald men and they'll give you a politically correct answer in order NOT to come off as shallow, even though they definitely are. Baldness is only tolerated when in a relationship, its a compromise. If you think life as a bald guy isn't going to be different in a negative way, you have your head buried in the sand. For those in disbelief would have to shave the top of their head down to the scalp and leave hair ONLY on the sides and back. You'll quickly realize how poorly society treats you. Don't bother trying to reverse the problem as society also thinks less of a man for doing so, but ONLY if your a man. If you're a woman with hair loss, you have the worlds sympathy. If you're a man, youre mocked, humiliated, insulted and rejected. The worst part? Its apparently socially accepted to treat bald men like this. You wouldnt do that to a woman. And you surely wouldnt treat anyone with any other health condition like this. Baldness is the ONLY health condition that gets this much open and disgusting hatred.


I don't think most women care one way or another if their man is bald-headed.




Well I don't do men with no hair if I married one yes it's a. Diffrent story .i him as much.but too meet one. Who has. No hair at all I don't find that at all sexy sorry .a good ~~looking guy with hair looks amazing very sexy you can run your hands through there hair .but every one to there own .😃


PS, the young lady who sent me this article did so as a complement.


it doesn't say gay or straight, either. And don't you guys call each other "ladies" kidding around?

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