Jeremy Kyle therapist Graham marries partner of 32 years

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Graham Stanier, the psychotherapist from the Jeremy Kyle show, has married his partner of 32 years.

Graham is the right-hand man of ITV's famous daytime TV host, Jeremy Kyle, and has just announced that he's married his long-term partner Steve, in a sweet Twitter post.

The couple have been together for over three decades but finally decided to tie the knot on 3rd April.

Just before they walked down the aisle, Graham took to his Twitter account to share the happy news with his 55k followers.

Graham posted a picture of their wedding car engraved with both of their names and the caption; 'After being together for 32 years this is just about to happen #grahamswedding.'

The official Facebook page for the show also took to congratulating the newly weds, saying; 'We'd just like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the amazing Graham who got married at the weekend!'

Fans were quick to congratulate the pair, with over 5000 comments on the Facebook post alone.

Patricia Ashwood said; 'God bless you and Steve. May you have another 32 years (at least) of love and laughter.'

Andrea Rose-Kendall said; 'Congratulations Graham and partner hope you have many happy years together.'

Some were confused and mistakenly wondered if Graham had married 'big Steve' – one of the show's security guards.

Naomi Taylor said; 'Could somebody please clarify if graham married BIG Steve please I'm happy for them both but secretly devastated that I will never be Mrs Steve lol.'

Graham is well known on the show for sorting out the troubled guests' relationship, drug and alcohol issues, and managing the show's 'aftercare' program.

Jeremy and Graham have worked together for more than a decade, since the show began back in 2005 as a replacement for Trisha Goddard's chat show.

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In 2007 Jeremy Kyle was nominated for the 'Most Popular Factual Program' at the National Television Awards.

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