Katie Price marched off the Loose Women stage for 'fruity' sex toy comments

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Katie Price marched off the Loose Women stage for 'fruity' sex toy comments
It's no secret that Katie Price is, errrr, rather 'open' about her personal life shall we say, but her latest confession shocked viewers of Loose Women and even saw her taken off stage.

On Tuesday the panel were talking about Gwyneth Paltrow's much-discussed new sex toy guide when Katie decided to share her fondness for using vegetables with the audience, as well as opening up about her own use of sex toys.

Katie, 37, revealed that she owns a 'butt plug with a crystal on the end from Ann Summers' and that she would use 'vegetables in the fridge'.

The confessions came as Ruth Langsford revealed that Gwyneth had recommended a '24 gold carat vibrator costing about £10,000' and asked Katie what she thought.

In answer to Ruth's question Katie unashamedly said, 'Why would you need that when you've got the real thing and other stuff? You've got fingers and the real thing, you've got vegetables in the fridge'.

Coleen then quickly joked, 'that's enough', but the audience didn't seem to mind as they laughed along loudly. The reality star then agreed to keep her thoughts to herself by being silenced by a 'gag'.

However, in true Katie Price style, the silence didn't last long as she went on to tell viewers that she often used 'spit' as a lubricant.

It turns out the conversation was too much for Coleen Nolan, 51, who then took matters into her own hands to stop Katie from spilling any more beans. The Loose Women presenter marched Katie off stage, telling her she could only come back on once they'd finished talking about the subject of sex toys.

Following the ad break both Katie and fellow panellist Ruth Langsford apologised for the things revealed on the show, with Katie saying: 'I'm sorry about my fruity language, it's not my fault she (Gwyneth) obviously got me excited.'

Ruth, 56, added: 'We're sorry if we used some language you didn't like.'

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Kath Cumberpatch

good on you Katie, she was asked a question and her reply was something that millions of women do , are all these women up in arms about her comments NUNS ,no? well they are all prudes then, oh and by the way i havnt nor ever will use some of the things mentioned but other things YES, and blame the PRODUCER who allowed the question to be asked at a lunch time not Katie for her honest opinion.


Sorry but any programme discussing adult topics should be on after the watershed. Many households across the country have this programme on at lunchtime but even if kids are not around you hardly expect Katie price to be discussing her butt plug on a daytime show! the majority of viewers are mums (or dads) with young kids and I for one don't think Katie price should have said what she said and she knew exactly what she was doing, after all she is sexualising her little girl so she is hardly likely to care about anyone else's kids listening to her filth! Oh and I blame the producers for ruining Loose Women by employing someone like Katie Price. And the clapping audience are egged on by the warm up team I'm sure they were not delighted to hear about Katie prices butt plugs,fingering and vegetable sex at lunchtime if they were of any kind of dignified decent person.

Jools 23

The show brought up the topic, so you cannot lay blame on just her. I don't think it's really a programme for kiddies to watch, because the content is not appropriate for them. I think the programme title suggests that adult topics will be discussed, and hilarious, spontanious comments will be made, an presenters will be egged on, with a laughing and clapping audience.


Stopped watching loose Women when Katie Price started, unfortunately that woman has no opinion that would in any way make me want to listen to anything she has to say. She is a truly sad and pathetic individual with a low moral stance and her comments about this topic highlight that completely. ALso seems completely inappropriate to make those comments at lunchtime when a lot of children are listening in as they are eating lunch. IM truly getting sick and tired of the constant sexualisation of society, I'm no Mary Whitehouse but having this idiot spouting her disgusting bedroom habits leaves a very nasty taste! LOose Women could do so much better.

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