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  • 12 tell-tale signs he's cheating

    Is he cheating? The 12 tell-tale signs to look out for

    All relationships have their ups and downs, but would you know how to spot if your partner was cheating? Are there signs to look out for?

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  • Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

    What really makes some men cheat?

    With pictures emerging of Tim Burton kissing a woman who isn't his long-term partner, Woman magazine takes a look at this fundamental relationship problem and asks what it is that makes men cheat?

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    (29 ratings)
  • Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders affair

    Is Kristen cheating again?

    Photos emerge of the actress getting into a car with a man who strongly resembles Rupert Sanders

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    (6 ratings)
  • Cheating

    How to survive a break-up

    It's a sad fact that many marriages and long-term relationships fail. So how do you get on with your life? Find out how to get over a break-up...

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  • Couple having relationship problems

    How to cope if he's having an affair

    Could you and should you forgive a cheat? Find out how to cope after an affair has been revealed

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  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

    Rob and Kristen: Best red carpet moments

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have brought one of the greatest love stories to life from paper to the big screen. The stars, who play Twilight's Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, are now a fully-fledged real life celeb couple and don't care who knows it.

  • Kristen Stewart

    Being 'The Other Woman'

    How do you cope when you've been The Other Woman in an affair? How do you get over the relationship and move on while rebuilding your self-esteem? Dr Pam Spurr offers some words of advice.

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  • a torn photo symbolising a split

    10 signs your relationship is over

    Not sure if you should make up or break up? We've got expert advice to help you recognise the signs that your relationship is over and that itís time to move on

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  • marriage, marriage problems, cheat, cheating, affair

    'My husband cheated on me with my friend!'

    Kaye's husband had a 7-year affair but now wants to be forgiven. But should she forgive and forget?

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  • Cheating

    'He cheated on me with girls from social networking sites!'

    Our reader needs your advice. She's just found out her partner's cheating on her. Problem is, she still loves him. Read her sex story and help her decide what to do

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  • Man and woman having sex_rex

    'My 14-month affair'

    Alison has cheated on her husband a number or times but this time around is it love?

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Showing 1-11 of 21 results

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