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Quen Jena

Go creative, dear. You need spice up your sex life and find more attractive ways to communicate with him.

Quen Jena

of course, they are also full of emotions and respond to sex as sweetly as men do :)


hi sweet how are u plz add my mail gmail id is amrel65

R. Kumar

i am a married man of 43 from the day of marriage for last 16 years my is not at all interested in sex neither she want hug or kiss what to do


hi lisa wanna do sex with me???


Sex in pregnancy does not harm the baby. He won't get near it. He can't get past your cervix to start with honey and baby is beyond that and some. You can carry on having great sex all the way through, although positions may change sex doesn't have too. Have fun and try to get him relaxed a reassure him. Most men feel this way and it's understandable. I'm on my 5th pregnancy and still enjoy regular sex with my husband, more now than before. Enjoy x


all person knows this


You should get a dictionary.


me my man have sex it use to feel good but now it dos not is there som thing wrong with me but try to get him to for play with me some dos sometimes he dos not what can i do


ive been with my fella for over a year and the sex is fantastic, i find missionary the best position to cum and its gr8, we love foreplay and do it for about 30mins if not more and it makes the orgasm much much better


im due to give birth on CHRISTMAS DAY 25th December!!! i want sex but my partner does not want to because he thinks it will harm the baby!!! will it harm the baby???


Hey i hav been wit my boyfriend for six yrs n am runnin out of ways to mak our sex life gud its gone frm daily to once twice in a wk wat cn i do


are women supost to come through sex?


i love travel, reading and sex

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