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Gosh, i didn't thought this article was literal, i got in to see what this really about bcs it looked criptic to me, the amount of ocious careless fatphobia is very sad to observe and is very irresponsible to precisely relate it to sex, since being sexy is about self-confidence, nor about telling ppl "hide yourself while your naked, bcs you're not hot enough, you need photoshop on selfies and no lights on during sex" almost, that assures some really lame sex for starters, is like unvoluntary humor, just like as if i was reading an article from the 50s, i wasn't even able to read it after skimming throught it and seeing it was actually talking about "hiding tummies", is just to lame to read, i can get many ppl is not on the same page on self-love and that's their journey and of course is not of my flucking bussiness though promoting self-hate is very harmful to others, this is like very old-school cosmopolitan, it seems unreal and delusional that the writer is precisely on that very page, i'm somewhat socked, sorry, my point is that self-hate can spread like a dissease, and polute-bombard many's self-confidence, that's why is flucked up. Don't you have an editor? Nor writing values? Social awareness? Empathy? Gone? Never around? Jesus...

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Is it possible to do sex with my love one having only a cellphon,,,, trough text or Skype,,,,,, if my love one is not here,,,,, if he ia out the other country,,,,,,????? Can we????????

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Yes u right girl,

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How can u do that when ur love ones is in the other country,,,trough what?????


yes haaaaaaaa


This whole article is sad to me. I think one of the most important aspects of a great sexual experience and connection, is to look, touch, admire and celebrate the naked human body in all of it's glory. It's not about perfection and being flawless, it's about the beauty of humanity and the joy of being able to partake in such an amazing moment in time. I say, rip off all those clothes and rejoice with your post baby tummies, stretch marks, scars, softness and curves. He knows he doesn't look perfect and he doesn't expect you to. Chances are he likes what's inside you best of all. ;)

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