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Reverse cowgirl is great, it feels so naughty and sexy bouncing up and down on him with your ass in his face and he gets a great view of your bum and gets to watch his cock sliding in and out of your fanny


Wow! I could do this for the rest of my life! Even with her! Remember to 'kiss' and 'suckle' her ears and neck. Then, gently push her away and do the same for her breasts! Oh, yeah, guys, try your 'slow hands' on her butt too! If she doesn't "tremble" with pleasure, well, you're not doing it right!


This position is the bomb! The friction from the grinding and up and down rhythm stimulates your clitoris and if your partner is big enough, his head will push on your G-spot. Experiencing it with a well endowed man is 10 x the satisfaction of doing it with a guy 5 inches or less. I will continue to use. Thanks alot. Merry Christmas!

wonder Bra

wonderful I am going to try these positions


is so sex




realy its my pleaure to subsucrib to site many thanks for you.i am interesting in sex position,but as i have seen that you show the same position on each e mail i received,so pleas we need to see different bed room position to injoy my self and my wifi. thanks again


looks like fun


I am going to sex with my partner first time..... so please give me new position


I love sex


I can only see 1

Vinay pathak

Sex 8140962518 karne ha


Its a nyce style but u tired so soon.i love the penetration


What are these sex videos about

s.d afghan

Pleas shire ur experince with me


hi, monica.......


hottt sexxxyyyyy..want hot romantic sexy talks with beautiful loving girls /


tried the sexy stack and proper enjoyable fucking.




Best sex move uet


Man I love sex

reela jaan

i like this position if any girl want to do friendship with me it's my email id my cel number 009710553159252

Mathews Bett

Am not seeing the position where are they

Jeannie McCarthy

this is good old reverse cowgirl; great position esp with a well endowed guy- you can control the depth, it ! tip- lean forward to hit your spot!


If u want to txt me at 507-329-4505


I need a person that I can flirt with


woooooo! ,it is sooo intresting 4me ilove it this is what ihave been looking for. so thannnnnnnnnk.


I think you have a lot of experience you'd like to share your experience with me

just loved it ............... mmmmm my partner was on seventh sky when she was bouncing ... thanks for that! and i can't agree with u Em ;-)


hi monica...wanna friendship to talk romantic with u..... if u


wanna friendship to talk romantic with u..... if u


hottt sexxxyyyyy..want hot romantic sexy talks with beautiful loving gals /


thnks lot but I need different sex position so that my husband can love me more and more. but this position is BOOB I really enjoy it

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