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Jeannie McCarthy

AMEN sista! i love this position- esp. leaning fwd hitting both spots- i like this and just being on top in general in other positions b/c i can control the depth when partner's loooooong


Give me a break! "Surf's Up"?!!? This is REVERSE "Cow Girl", period, the end! From what I've recently read, this is 'still' a very popular sexual position, but many women are reporting or finding it 'painful' when performed in a chair (or sofa)? In my view, I think it depends on the woman with respect to what position 'she' likes and is 'willing' to try? Usually, most women will let you know what she "likes" and "dislikes" in bed!


I think that i am gonna try a perticular position! All of them are fun and I think that me and my bf have tried almost all of them and we have our own to

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