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David Chew-Smith

Are u gay just asking

David Chew-Smith

Just asking

David Chew-Smith

is anyone gay here?

Maka Nino

i want to know how to know in my area that someone need sex with the guy


I love it when he wraps his hands around my teats, and we spend all day in bed.

Sa'adun Sulaiman

Glad that I met this web-site. At least I can tried a few of the illustrations shown. All this while I only anticipated in the typical position - man on top. The most needed my the man is how to prolong the game. Through reading I manage to apply to that course but not fully successful. Can any one tell me how?


with a good vibrator in the ass

Keko Jones

appreciating her teats is priceless

Keko Jones

it is great for men penetration

Keko Jones

This position is great for full penetration. It can be enhaned by inserting a vibrator in her ass


Ladies love this position & good to rock / penetrate deeper


it is sweet for ladies

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