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Melissa Hawkins

Congrats Christine you are these week's Treat Tuesday winner! Please email to arrange your prize! :) X

Pam Sellars

I love the film ghost, great film u can watch it time & time again & i love the the man &woman & also the lovely song with it. I wud love 2 win the underwear,please as i can't find my true size in a bra & they look nice. I wud also like it if my young daughter who has just turned 21 could also win the underwear aswell.

Christine Ann Wilson

My hubby surprised me with a trip to paris to put a love padlock on the paris bridge :) didnt think he had it in him he is not the romantic type at all x

Pete McLaughlin

She married me :)


My hubby booked a weekend away in west Wales for our 13th wedding anniversary next month, including a Michelin starred meal! I'm So so impressed with him 😀

Cerileah Dean

Also, I have recently finished my university course and the week leading up to my final assessment I was horrible to everyone! So stressed, the day before I came home, he greeted me as usual, I went upstairs to change and into the en suite and there is a bunch of pink roses waiting for me <3 xx

Cerileah Dean

For our one year anniversary he surprised me with a trip to Milan <3

catherine spencer

My partner took me to see a Meat Loaf concert even though he`s a Punk rocker at heart. It was a complete surprise and it was only our second date.

liz denial

My ex partner was not romantic at all which is why he's my ex

Karen Barrett

My husband bought me tickets to Australia to visit my family xx

Pete McLaughlin

My lovely hubby sold his bike so I could have a champagne flight in a hot air balloon for my 30th birthday

Nikki Holmes

My bf gives my feet a rub if I have had a bad day at work, I don't like feet but he loves them

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

my husband left a post it note on the front door saying open slowly. he had sprinkled rose peatles all up the hall, ran a bubble bath for me, wt more peatles, and then got my snugge housecoat out wt an orange hotchoc drink waiting. and him sitting on the sofa wt a blanket waiting for a cuddle. all that just because I had a bad day at work.


My now husband proposed to me on a romantic champagne river cruise for 2. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing, it was all a surprise. Because he couldn't get down on one knee in the boat as it was too small, the next weekend, when we were in a park in Oxford, he got down on his knee there and proposed again, said he felt he hadn't done it properly!! He's been romantic every day since. Not a day has gone by where we haven't spoken.

Amanda Davis

My boyfriend writes notes an leaves them in my lunchbox for me to find when I'm at work... What a sweetie!!

Tracey Cakey Bakey Druce

I love this movie! My partner proposed to me on my birthday! Still happily in love :)

Lisa Troccoli

Love this moment was beautiful and I was very teary! My now husband bought me 12 Red Roses for Valentines Day one year so that was romantic x

Mary 'supermum' williams

As this Is a new york film I will post here. My hubby took me to new york and proposed at the top of central park with a haribo ring and then took me to 5th avenue where I chose my ring that I have worn ever since. I thought I was in a film x

Penny-sue Wolfe

What could be more romantic than crying when your babies are born xx


love pretty woman such a romantic film <3

Wendy Harris

2. Dirty Dancing and 19. PS I Love You My hubbys most romantic moment was asking if he could add my name as next of kin on his climbing helmet, in case he fell :-) Yep, he's THAT romantic

Caren Grieves

Awwww . . . my lovely Hubster is romantic every day! I get a nice back tickle in the morning to gently wake me up, he puts the shower on for me and makes me a cup of tea!! With 4 kids - these things make me smile in the morning and set me up for the day! We've been together since I was 16 (I'm now very nearly 38!).

Val Pownall

Well, he's still here with me after 36 years if that counts as romantic - oh, and he once brought me a big bunch of leeks! We must be doing something right! :D

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