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Magic bullet is best

Peterson Arthur

Doggy is so free


The most amazing feeling he's made me feel started when we first d sex but this one new recent position now has me rethinking how do describe the feeling he creates in me. Much like the bump position where the man penetrates the lady while she's on her belly, you still need to raise your hips a bit off the bed but one of the lady's legs needs to be bent. A bit tricky for the man to figure out but once he has it, you're both in for world of pleasure. If you're one to not make a lot of noise, you'll definitely find a few escaping here. The man may access your breasts and just hold them or massage your clitoris slowly and easily hug you to him. Another amazing position is the Organ Grinder. Instead, lady, lay down on the bed so that your hips are off of it and have your man firmly place his arms on either side of you while having your legs hooked around his arms. Let him go at it. Its amazing.


We just tried it, it is better for him as he usually last long, this time was short but awesome


yeah sheet its really nice to have sex with ur and fuck her on top of urs...and make it faster as. u can .. kiss her lips while you are on the move to sex.. :)

Crisanto Aduca

u like sex

Crisanto Aduca

u want to try this

Feroz Khan

Knowledge Of Sex


please just send me to my email:


I need some vidios to help me


I like her on top amazing


be sexy


couch surfer and hair to the throne are the best


love this drives me crazy


This so-called "speed bump" is also known as "downward doggie". And yes, it's probably my favorite. While I can it her spot real good in this position, it also maximizes the sensation for me. 9 out of 10 times, I'll nut real good and hard in this position!!! It's a winner!!

Louise Delos Reyes

I like this

Louise Delos Reyes



yeah maybe buuterly is the best

rain kuruko

hahaha>>>iyot kayu amin

rain kuruko

yeah...! doogy position is the best

angila d'cruz

i am teen girl i want to do sex with an adult man give me tips for doing it please i have done it when iwas 16 but now i am 18 i want to do please...

Hanna St√łen

It's right there, man.


nice positiom

bobby dierks

there is only 39....


this is one of my fav positions

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