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Benjamin Campbell

It's (magic bullet) also very good for fat people who want to look at each other.

Real Talk

There are many good ones here... but honestly, about a third or half of the positions are only good for women. if a womens legs are spread and not bent, it will always feel awkward for the mans penis. doesnt matter the angle or position. if her legs are spread and not bend it doesnt feel good at all. and if he tells you it does feel good hes lying to make you happy. when her legs are spread and not bend its like the pussy is trying to escape my dick....not a good feeling. just being honest from a lot of experience with different types of women. magic bullet and cowgirl still seem to be the most mutually beneficial for both male and female. hits the right spot for both and both positions are visually very sexy for both. honest opinion from a guy who loves sex. god bless you all.

Goodnight Today

Awesome with a mirror

Melanthe Divine

I'm a Sexual sorceress and Priestess of Sex Magic, so I'm quite a good critic of articles like this. Good article! xxx


this is more good if she lies on a table and you stand down


This is amazing!


I guess it's more fun if you prefer doing it in couch :)


tried this twice in a row, its amazing.


never try this yet.. but i will

A54D K

Hi Chelsea I'm single and I was thinking every prince needs a princess and you the one for me :)


keep me posted.

chelsea jolene megan


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