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Loved It. This position allows breastfeeding, tried with 3 women, awesome


After reading through this, here are some thoughts: Don't tell people that they should or shouldn't like something. It makes you sound elitist and ignorant of respecting people's differences. Quit declaring certain positions to be more or less romantic because, once again, it is different for everyone. Doggy style could be the most romantic for some people, man or woman. Just because you are biased doesn't mean everyone thinks the same as you. Quit telling people that low-energy is bad or less exciting. Sometimes those positions are the most stimulating and "romantic" if we're using your terms. Sex takes effort. Having one individual do most of the work for a portion of carnal interactions is not a bad thing. It is preference of the couple that matters most. Both reciprocation and understanding are crucial. Plus, instigating sexual power dynamics can be a major turn on. Please be more considerate of others if you are aiming to help them. Unless this is only you voicing your opinion, you should try to stay as unbiased as possible.

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