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Dehart Connections

my woman loves this some times I sprea her legs wie open other times grab her by ankels legs togethe but allways legs on my shoulders

Dehart Connections

my woman so good at this one


I love it when it is and my hubby do it all the time


I loved the sultry saddle because I like it to really get in there



My favorite position i eat her toes while penetrating her


My boyfriend is 6'7" and I am 5'2" (crazy. I know) but this is honestly my favorite position we've tried. Orgasms are 2000% times better in this position

I can say this was my first thing ever and I never hit orgasm but I did enjoy it and tend to do it many more times tho at the end my legs hurt a but XD


my wife is nearly 1 foot shorter than me,so she can not fully stretch her legs to my shoulders,so I have to really spread my legs to have intercourse which makes me feel uncomfortable..!!!


This is the best position for woman, I always reach orgasm like this. Love it!

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