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Oh yes, it was a really nice experience! I rubbed your clitoris with my middlefinger, it was amazing!


o me and mancuk loved this! It was awesome! He rubbed my clitoris like a tiger!


Me and my girlfriend do this and if the make slightly moves his body on more of an angle it allows speed and g-spot contact


seriously NO doggie fashion position in this list - wtf


Woman on top does NOT by any means indicate that she'll be doing all the work. Besides, that really shouldn't be a complaint. If you're putting the effort into carnal relations, it should be reciprocal effort for all parties.

Lucky Guy

sexy spoons... wife and I love this when we are exhausted at the end of long day but still want sex. So snuggly and comfortable, either can half way doze in and out, can fall asleep with PIV without one or the other becoming too much dead weight for all night.


I think Sidney Poitier and Persis Khambatta were either doing this dirty dancing position or the corridor canoodling position in the movie The Wilby Conspiracy. It was hard to tell since it the sex scene only show the head and upper part of their bodies.

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