Britney bares all

Did anyone else see the Britney Spears documentary last night?

I’d been looking forward to it for ages, but I was sure all the good bits would be edited out.

BUT – I’m pleased to say it was really quite juicy. She talked about Kevin, her ‘babies’, breaking up with Justin and the time when she went off the rails.

I genuinely felt sorry for her. I know she’s rich and famous, but just watching her trying to get our of her car and being pounced on by a mob of aggressive photographers made me feel very grateful for my quiet, little life!

Although she did cry about the way her celebrity status has turned her into a prisoner in her own home, I never got the sense that she felt sorry for herself, just that sometimes she felt other people controlled her a bit too much and it sometimes made her sad.

Video of the Week

The best part of the show for me though, was seeing her mucking about with her friends and family, just like a ‘normal’ person.

My favourite bit was when she did an impression of her dad. Click on the clip below to watch her (dressed in a black wig on a video shoot) taking the mick out of him. Brilliant!