Day 3: Five a Day

Eating more fruit and veg is important for us all, but how many of us actually manage to eat 5 A DAY?

Fruit and veg are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fibre which may help reduce the risk of nasty diseases like cancer and heart disease. So it’s important for kids to eat a variety of at least five portions of fruit and veg every day.

One portion is roughly a handful and this can be fruit or vegetables. If you’ve got a fussy eater, turn veggies into delicious snacks by chopping them up and serving with a low-fat dip.

More Tips to get a portion of your 5 A DAY:

Defrost one

Frozen fruit and veg counts. It only takes a couple of minutes to microwave some frozen peas.

Open one

Try tinned fruit and veg, too. So get busy with the tin opener. Choose tins of fruit and veg in their own juice, which is healthier than eating fruit canned in sugary syrup or veg canned in added salt and sugar.

Drink one

One glass (150ml) of unsweetened fruit juice or smoothie per day counts as one portion. So they can start on their way to 5 A DAY at breakfast.

Chop one

Fruit can be fun for kids. Peel it, slice it, make shapes with it. Make it easy to enjoy.