Day 3: Up & About

Modern life has made things much more comfortable for us – so comfortable, in fact, that most of us spend too long sitting down doing nothing much at all! Of course it’s important to relax, but there’s a difference between chilling out and vegging out. The fact is that kids who are inactive don’t burn off enough energy and store up fat in their bodies, so it’s important to get them up and about.

Here are some suggestions on how to make yours an up & about house.

Have a no TV day and see what happens.
Plan a walk after dinner, or a trip to the local park.

‘2 hours max’

You may find it useful to set a limit to how long your children can sit in front of the TV, computer or video game. Some families have found saying ‘2 hours max’ of screen time each day helps them to make sure kids jump up and play, or go outside after they’ve been sitting still for a while.

Feet First
Sitting in the car or on the bus uses little energy. If it’s a short hop think about walking or cycling with the kids instead. It’s more fun and you can save money too.

After School
Parents tend to over-estimate how much energy kids use at school. Remember, they’re actually sitting down most of the time. The best way for them to relax after school is for them to be up and active rather than to veg out.