Day 4: Sugar Swaps

Excess sugar can mean more calories which in turn can lead to stored fat in the body and diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

To prevent this, swap food and drink containing added sugar for stuff that’s lower in sugar or sugar free.

Why not try one of the following sugar swaps?

Make pink milk It’s much more fun than white. Mash up a handful of tinned raspberries, stir into a glass of milk and hey presto!

Breakfast swap

Switch to cereals with no added sugar or other breakfast options like fruit or toast (but if you spread on jam or honey, make sure it’s a thin layer!)

Dessert swap

Switch from sugary desserts like chocolate, biscuits and cake to less sugary desserts, like low-fat yoghurt or fruit. Or compare the labels on two desserts and choose the one with the lower level of sugars.

Food label swap
When shopping compare food labels and switch to the one that’s marked lower in sugar or sugar free.

See how many sugar swaps you can make in a week.