10 cheap ways to detox

Summer is on its way and we’re feeling the need to detox before all the BBQs, summer parties and beach holidays are upon us. The good news is that you don’t need fancy spas or faddy diets – here’s how to detox on the cheap.

Lose the booze!
If you can avoid booze for a week, that’ll help loads, otherwise at least limit how much you drink in one evening as binge drinking forces your liver to work overtime. Where possible, choose wine and beer over high-strength spirits. It’ll also help if you cut down on caffeine and processed foods.

Detoxing isn’t just about what you put into your body – it’s also about relaxing and decluttering your mind. If yoga classes are too expensive or you don’t have the right one near you, buy a DVD and do it at home. We’ve rounded up the best fitness DVDs for 2015 here. Choose one which has a variety of sections, including shorter ones – that way, there’s no excuse for not finding the time. And some will have moves which are suited to winding down in the evening, so you may sleep better too.

Go herbal
Ginger and peppermint tea are brilliantly cheap ways to make your stomach feel lighter and cleansed. Buy them in the shops or make your own. Grate fresh ginger into boiling water – ginger is particularly good for indigestion and it can ward off colds, flu and sore throats. Fresh mint leaves also make a great alternative to peppermint tea – mint is especially good for improving digestion. Alternatively, try green tea.

Stop smoking!
No point in mincing words here. Any good that you do to your body is greatly decreased every time you take a puff. Stopping doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on nicotine patches and other items. The NHS has a dedicated phone line for anyone who wants to quit – there are tons of tips and advice at smokefree.nhs.uk and you can request a free Quit Kit.

Eat better
With all the cheap, healthy recipes on goodtoknow, there’s no excuse for not eating well… And you don’t need to eat like a rabbit or spend lots of money on specialist health foods. Have a look at our 30 detox recipes which contain everything from breakfast smoothies to healthy chicken casseroles.

Enjoy the great outdoors
A lot of people join gyms at this time of year, but unless you visit about 3 times a week, it can end up being a very expensive way of getting healthy. Fresh air on the other hand is free… not only will you feel better after a long walk or jog in your local park, you’ll also feel happier and get a lovely warm glow on your face. Feed the ducks, take the dog out, let the kids splash in puddles… the choice is yours.

Body brushing
Detox beauty products and treatments might be out of your budget, but investing in a brush mitt or a long body brush and you’ll never look back. Give your body (not the face or delicate/sensitive areas) a good old brush for about 5 minutes before you shower and it’ll get all the cleaning and stimulation it needs. As a treat, buy a really foamy, creamy shower gel or mousse – it’s cheaper than any treatment. If you’ve never body brushed before, you just scrub the skin with gentle, circular motions – it unblocks pores, gets rid of dead skin cells, stimulates your lymphatic system and, according to some people, can help reduce cellulite and other toxins.

Detox salts
They might sound old-fashioned but you can’t beat a soak with good old Epsom salts. They help to draw out all the toxins from your body and you’ll probably feel quite warm afterwards – perfect for these chilly days. Wrap up after your bath and, as with any detoxifying treatment, make sure you drink lots of water afterwards..

The water factor
Another super-cheap way to feel better is to increase how much water you drink. If you struggle to have the recommended litre and a half to 2 litres per day, aim for 1 litre and boost your intake with a glass of juice and herbal teas. Or read why water is so good for you – it might persuade you to drink more, especially as it can also help you to lose weight, prevent headaches and make your skin glow…

Book a cheap spa deal
Spa days and treatments aren’t known for being cheap, but there are now more ways than ever to grab a bargain with websites like bookaspa.com, Wahanda and lastminute.com which you can check into or sign up for the latest offers – like 50% off, or, 2 for 1 massages. Voucher sites like Groupon, Wowcher and KGB Deals are also brilliant for picking up bargains, but they cover lots of different areas so you may have to wait for the right deal to come up.