10 easy ways to get fighting fit and healthy

We’re always being told to get fit and eat more healthily which sounds pretty daunting. And even with the best intentions, it’s easy for your healthy living plans to get derailed!

It’s not always practical to go to the gym 3 times a week, but there are much smaller and easier things you can do to improve your health and, hopefully, help you live longer. Try adding these 10 tips into your daily routine and you’ll be that little bit healthier!

1. Walking up the stairs

Ditch the lift and take the stairs and you could save your life, according to one study.

Researchers from the University Hospital of Geneva asked volunteers with a low activity level to take the stairs, rather than use the lift.

After 3 months the number of flights of stairs they took every day had increased from 5 to 23. Tests showed that the amount of oxygen their body could use had increased by 8.6%, their blood pressure had dropped, bad cholesterol levels had dropped and their waist measurement had decreased by 2%.

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