11 best 100ml liquid essentials to pack for your holiday

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Packing for holidays is a stressful affair as it is, and finding the right toiletries to fit 100ml airline guidelines isn't easy! We explain the rules and pack the 11 best travel-size products for you.

Whoever said holidays are relaxing should consider rephrasing that to ‘holidays are relaxing – once you get there, mind’.

They’ve clearly never had to pack for the kids or their other half, farm the pets out, make sure the house is clean and tidy, briefed the neighbours on plant watering, re-packed for the kids, and that’s before you’ve even started to think about yourself!

If you’re taking hand luggage on a plane this summer then you’ll need to have your 100ml toiletries at the ready, but narrowing down the items to fill the little precious space you have can be tricky. And that’s after you’ve deciphered all the ever-changing and confusing information about what you’re allowed to pack in the first place!

We’ve listed the things you need to remember when it comes to liquids in your hand luggage, as well as our favourite 100ml or less travel toiletries that your plastic bag shouldn’t be without. Say goodbye to stress and hello to your holidays!

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