11 things that are stopping you sleeping

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Having trouble sleeping? New research suggests it could be down to your smartphone! Find out how plus 10 other things that could be stopping you sleeping

It feels like we all struggle to get the amount of sleep we really need. Each morning is met with yawns and bleary eyes, and despite our best intentions to get to bed early and have a good kip, we still end up feeling knackered the next day. But could the problem behind our lack of shut-eye be staring us in the face?

There are many reasons why we could have trouble drifting off, and then staying asleep, but researchers have discovered our smartphones and tablets could be one of the major causes. It’s thought that the blue light they emit could be disrupting the body’s natural processes – and, let’s be honest, many of us are guilty of phone-watching right up until we shut our eyes.

Professor Richard Wiseman says that the recent survey’s results are ‘catastrophic in terms of sleeplessness’ and that although eight-and-a-half hours are recommended for an adult, two thirds of the population are now getting less than seven hours sleep a night (classified as sleep deprived) – up 20% from last year.

It’s thought that the light coming from phones, computers and tablets could be playing havoc with our sleep because it suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin, which is essential for drifting off to sleep.

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