12 best frizz-fighting products

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Are you struggling to fight the frizz? Frizzy hair can be a nightmare to control so we've rounded up 12 of the best frizzy hair products on the market to help your tame your unruly locks!

There?s nothing more frustrating than spending an age washing and conditioning your hair to then find that you look like some sort of poodle by the time it?s dried. Even more so when you?re getting ready for an evening out and you really want to look your best.

Frizzy hair can be hard to handle, but thanks to the hair care Gods that be, like John Frieda and Charles Worthington, we can all rest a little easier in the knowledge that there are frizzy hair products out there that can stop you looking like you?ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, and more like you?ve just left the salon.

We?ve rounded up 12 of the best frizzy hair products on the market for all the frizzy-haired ladies out there. All these frizz-tamers promise to leave you with the smooth, shiny, frizz-free locks that you deserve, and take just minutes to apply.

All the frizzy hair products in this gallery are reasonably priced but deliver real results, a certain few even last for as long as 24 hours and will protect your hair from heat damage too.

What?s your top tip for managing frizzy hair? Let us know in our comments section below.