Recovering from pneumonia

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My husband was very weak after a bout of pneumonia so I gave him Colloidal Silver. It's supposed to strengthen the immune system. You can buy 200ml bottle of Colloidal Silver from Higher Nature at for £25.90.
Sheila Ellis, 59, Widnes, Cheshire

If you're recovering from or suffering from pneumonia, buy some fenugreek tea from your local health food store. It helps the body perspire, speeds up the fever part of the illness and helps the body get rid of any toxic elements.
Lucy Jezzard, 23, Stoke-on-Trent

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I also have pnewmonia. Just finished my meds. Have been in bed for 5 days. My daughter is trying to hurry me up into getting better because she want to go away with her husband on vac. I feel I won't be able to mind 3 children under 6. But they say oh in another week you will be fine. I am only here on vacation.


I caught Pneumonia two weeks ago. I just arrived in Barcelona traveling alone. I am a 60 year old female. I had a fever for 3 days in the Hotel and terrible cough, Hotel called in a doctor and he called an ambulance and I was hospitalized for 6 days. On cortizol steroid, oxygen therapy, antibiotics and physiotherapy for helping the cough. Finally, after two weeks not being able to fly I am back in Florida, but bed-ridden. I am breathless when I move and exhausted all the time. Still have a terrible cough which has caused awful pain in my ribs (probably pulled a muscle) and I feel like crying all the time. Can't feel better. I sympathize with everyone who has written here - this is an awful illness which seems to drag on and on with no end in sight.. sorry to sound so depressed, but it just makes you feel helpless, vulnerable and weak. Any ideas for strengthening the immune system anyone? A for exercise, the most I can do is walk to the kitchen, make something to eat, and then go back to bed.. that's it for now. Anything else makes me breathless and exhausted.

wendy c

my husband as had pneumonia for 2 weeks,and still feels real poorly,he also still getting a high fever,he took his last antibiotics on Saturday,how long it take to recovery


Hi there, I too am recovering from pneumonia and am struggling to get better, my pneumonia was only "mild" and in one lung, I was diagnosed at the beginning of August and 3 weeks ago my second x ray was clear, some days I think I have turned the corner and am feeling much better, but then days like today, I feel almost like being back at square one, my breathing is laboured and I feel so tired. I am back at work, I only work part time, but feel like the rest of my life is on hold. Can anyone tell me if this gets any better. Thank you


Going on this site has helped as i was really ill over xmas i was in pain all down my side i couldnt breathe it hurt so much to take a deep breath and cough i went to A&E twice i thought i was going to die i really could not breathe and sat up in pain i was sent home with intergestion tablets and after the third time i was diagnosed with pneumonia and pluresy i took a double dose of antibiotics felt a bit better but weak tired then i returned to work afer five weeks and that was 8 weeks ago now and i still have times where i just cant breathe although the latest xray seemed clear i dont understand i dont know when i am going to feel myself again i have good days and bad days .Nichola


In 2002 I became ill on my birthday. I couldn't catch my breath, I had a nasty cough, Fear, and I felt drain. After 3 months of going to doctors. I was better but in January of 2003 I became ill again. I couldn't walk 20 feets without loosing my breath. I went to a Specialist. He put me on antibiotics, steriods, and oxygen threapy. I was feeling a lot better in 3 weeks. Here it is 2010 and I am still on oxygen threapy, Medication, and for the most part I do well. My diagnoses is Interitial pneumonitis. I have back pain (upper back), chest pain, and short of breath. Today I am fighting bacterial pneumonia. This is proving to be hard to resolve. First of all go(run) to a specialist when you do not respond quickly to meds provided by your primary doctor. I saw my doctor at the being on this recent bout. I am nowwith my specialist 1 month later because I have am still trying to get well. Thank you


I am recovering from double pnuemonia or ARDS...I spent 10 days in the hospital, the steroids have made me diabetic on top of not feeling good. I am so tired, I have absolutely no energy, my back hurts and my lungs hurt so bad at times they feel like they are spasming or like your having a heart attack. My work seems to think I'm crazy as this is the fourth week I have been off and I still don't make it very long at a time up and active without needing to go back on oxygen to make my chest calm down. How long does this take?


Hello, I had pneumonia for 3 weeks and am just getting over it now. I have been off work a month now and am so tired! I hate missing work but have absolutely no energy! Anyone else feeling the same? Thanks Debi

caroline smith

Hi, im recoving from pneumonia (had it for 5 weeks now) and was in hospital for two weeks and was in ITC ward for a week of that which i can hardly remember anything about it which i carnt explain. It somtimes got so bad i felt like i was going to die, i was on so many drips and monitors and oxygen masks i couldnt even move out of my bed, not like i could of anyway :( but im at home now making a slow recovery but still feel depressed because i carnt go anywhere and my apitite still hasnt fully come back yet. I have to take 1 steroid inhaler and also another inhaler twice a daily. I also have to take cocodamol and still get stabbing pains in my back and lungs occasionally. I wish i was better now, but i guess i will be soon and carnt wait to be back at full health. Good luck with your recovery :D thank you :D


My daughter is 2 and a half and was admitted to hospital following a referal we demanded form GP - 11 days in hospital on antibiotics (2 types - i dont know both off the top of my head - one being ethrymicin (spelling!?)) via IV. She has been released and is now on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks - am hopful this will clear it along with positive physio etc but apart from the fenugreek tea does anyone have any alternative remedies or complimentary therapy for her which we could consider to aid and encourage her recovery?? (In her self she is fine)


Hi i was diagnosed with pneumonia and pluerisy three weeks ago. My doctor now tells me the infection has cleared. But I just feel so tired all the time. I really need to get back to work, but I don't know if I could cope with a full day. Can anyone advise, how long until this tiredness goes away?


Hi, I had pneumonia at the end of October, and did not go back to work until the New Year, I still feel weak and breathless, but am getting better. It takes a long time, and I did feel really depressed, but even that is getting better. The best advice is do not overdo it, pace yourself and if you are tired rest. I have good days and bad days, but I can see an improvement and try to take exercise everyday. Its very true what caroline (above) says getting upset does make it worse. When I got very upset I could not breath and felt even worse, so try to stay calm and look after yourself, eat healthily as well.

caroline dascal

this is for janet 11 months. Hi Janet, i too have just had pneumonia, came out hospital yesterday after 5 days. i was terribly weepy on the ward, and started to cry, the nurses were absolutely marvellous. they came round me,and told me NOT to cry, and get upset, and it made so much sense, its easy to let go and start crying, but they said, do not cry as you will start to upset yourself and find it difficult to breathe. so i stopped (and yes, you can stop yourself), and tell yourself to calm down, you WILL get better, this is a horrid illness, i have been to hell i can tell you, the feelings of weakness and pain are something else. now when i feel a weep coming on, i stop myself and say, CALM down, take it easy, crying will not help, it will just upset you more and then you'll cough, and you will be left feeling upset. This illness takes a long time to recover, be kind to yourself, but talk to yourself and buck yourself up, it can be done as i learnt so when in hospital. you WILL start to feel better, but what you are feeling is entirely normal, and i would also say, can you talk to any hospital staff or doctor to let them know how you are feeling, as a good pep talk works wonders. hope this helps, feel better.


hi i had pneumonia last month 3 days in hospital with antibiotics but since then i have been weak and tired how long does it take to get over pneumonia


Hi nI had a lung infection for a long time almost a year befour the doctors found out what it was. I was given so many different inhalers@ meds to treat it but I still couldn't walk 2 steps without losing my breath @ having asthma attacks on top of that. The treatment with the prednisolone was also giving in short 5 day of 5 tabs & 5 days of 2 tabs then stoped I was just starting to feel a bit better then it would come right back finally after months they gave me 8 tabs a day for a week then 7 for a week and it was reduced slowly conbined with 2 different kinds of antibiotics it finnaly went & I can breath. I am now off the prednisolone but it took a long slow reduction to work I'm not sure if I had pneumonia or infection which is a kind of pneumonia or what but I was so ill for so long it took that combanation of the 3 things to kick it out for now. knock on wood it stays away I could not breath & it was scary I even had a nebulizer & that didn't help. ask your doctor next time to reduce the prenisolone slowly. best of luck Happy New Year Melissa


I developed pneumonia approx 4 weeks ago which was exacerbated by my asthma condition. I was treated in hospital with antibiotics and prednisolone - a course of 6 days. I felt wonderful initially, but it has been downhill from there and currently feel lethargic, tearful and a little depressed. Could anyone comment on this please. Is it normal. I must add that the prednisolone was given in 6 tablet doses once a day and I wasn't weaned off them, I just had to stop taking the prescribed dose after the 6 days. Thank you.

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