'My bloated stomach has gone at last'

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Coeliac abdominal pain stomach cramp period

Living with coeliac disease

I'd always suffered from dull, gripy stomach aches, particularly after a meal. But they didn't really affect my life until my last year at university, when my weight plummeted from 8st 12lb, to 7st, in six months. At 5ft 8in, I was seriously underweight.

My collarbones stuck out and my arms were like matchsticks, but my stomach was bloated. I was also very tired and pale. My GP diagnosed anaemia, and gave me iron tablets. Soon, even size 8 clothes were hanging off me and I was constantly shattered. My GP doubled the dose of iron tablets, but it didn't really help. Then I started passing blood in my stools. I was very worried.

My GP referred me for tests, including an endoscopy and colonoscopy. The tests came back clear, but they showed up that I had coeliac disease (CD). I started on a gluten-free diet straight away, and soon felt so much better. Now I feel fit and healthy, and my bloated stomach has gone.

The main foods I have to avoid are bread, biscuits, cakes and pasta, and I steer clear of processed foods. My weight has slowly crept up and I'm now a healthy 8st 12lb. For anyone with coeliac disease, I'd say life is a lot easier once your pain and other symptoms have gone.'
Anthea Morris, 29, Farnham, Surrey

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Lucy Walkington

Do u not eat gluten free bread an pasta?

ian humphries

for a number of years i had never really gained weight,bloated stomach,wind was becomming a serious problem,then irregular bowel movements....... followed by a last 6 months of a dramatic fall in weight to 9 stone, i was forwarded to hospital from my gp. diagnosed Coelac disease mid 2008. strict gluten free diet............. now gas has gone,weight is gradually increasing.................... i am 48 years old...........

Robert Whinston

Quite helpful article. Shame about the stupid links below to 'Join Our Diet Club' for a poor woman who's weight has fallen below Size 8.

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