'How I learnt to live with thrush'

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Living with thrush

Even though I get thrush quite regularly, I try not to let it bother me. I just follow the rules about cotton underwear in case that works, and don't have sex for a few days to give it time to clear up. If you've given it to your partner, he can give it back to you, so it's worth nagging him to use cream for a week or so, too.

Canesten do a combination treatment that includes a pessary and a cream. I normally find that does the trick. But they are quite pricey, which is annoying. There seems to be a lot of rules about how to avoid getting thrush. Don't wear tights, wear cotton underwear and don't wear tight jeans. But I follow all these rules and still get it!

I remember being terrified the first time I got thrush. I was a teenager, and I was itchy down below and noticed I had a yellowy discharge. I thought I'd caught a sexually transmitted disease, even though I hadn't even had sex at that time! Talk about paranoid!
I eventually plucked up the courage to tell my mum, and she said it was probably thrush. She got me some cream from the chemist's and, sure enough, it did clear up.

Since then, I get thrush a couple of times a year. Sometimes I think it's because I'm run down, but most of the time I can't work out why it's turned up again. It varies as to how bad it is. Sometimes it's just a bit annoying, other times I'm in agony.

I've heard the old wives' tale about using live yogurt, but I've never tried it. One thing I have noticed is that I do tend to get thrush just after my period. It makes me wonder whether using tampons plays a part.

Helena Wiggins, 36, Grantham, Lincolnshire

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I too suffer quite bad with thrush, presently i'm getting it monthly but have had it frequently in the last 15years. I am currenly back on the tablets 1a week for 3months, I was on it also a year ago for about 6 months, i have used the creams and pesseries and i now feel my body is resistant to it all. I try to do all the things that your not suppose to do but it makes no difference. Im so sick to death of it, and my husband also gets quite frustrated, with it. I havent tried the garlic clove so i will give this a shot, and hope it works. Wasnt sure if there was a certain diet that i could try, but i already cut down sugar and bread. I too have been tested for Diabetes this came back fine. Any other suggestions i would gladly do.


Its great to read that I am not the only one suffering this horrible, annoying thing! I am only 18 and ever since I had a subscription for some antibiotics about 6 months ago, thrush has become a regular thing. After my antibiotics i had thrush 5 times in a row, and now its seems to come once a month, the week before my period is due. There are a few good ideas that i have read so i will give a few a try. Sometimes being a woman isnt fun. Thanks!


I have been suffering with recurrent thrush for about a month and a half now, there has not been more than 2 days where I havent had it or cystitus. They seem to come along to gether for me. I am getting really angry too. It is more sore and inflamed than anything now. The doctors keep giving me treatment such as the pessaries and the pills but the one dosage hasnt worked so far. Now the doctors given me a month of pills and 2 weeks of pessaries to really try and solve it. The strange thing is that in all the swabs and urine samples i have had they have come back clear, apart frm oone which said I had thrush... But its not going... Im trying everything. Its affecting my sex life aswell because when I havet his I dont ave sex for obvious reasons ( makes it worse) but I hope I will get better soon, At this present moment it feels a bit better, but then it does, and then feels bad again later....weird. However, I'm glad to realise that this is as common as people have been tellingme and I'm not a freak of nature and hopefully I will get better!!!


I have always suffered fro thrush on and off. I have been thrush free periods for up to 4 years. I had the mirena coil removed after having it for 3 years years as I thought it was contributing to my thrush problems. Its been one month so far without the coil and still its been constant once, twice or even more times a month. Sometimes before my period or after. Using pads or tampons makes no difference. I follow all the rules ie no scented soap, I actually do not use soap or showergel full stop.... loose cotton knickers, loose fitting under garments and even wear dresses more during attacks to air myself. All this does not help. I have been on a weekly diaflucan treatments for the past 3 months and still no luck. I have tried live yogurt, vinegar, soaking in a sea salt bath and garlic. I made the mistake of crushing the garlic once and squirting it in, boy it hurt!!!! I am now trying whole cloves overnight. I am at the end of my tether and extremely fed up and its affecting me at work as I am so uncomfortable. Ps someone mentioned an issue regarding your partner passing it on? Yes your partner needs to be treated to ensure that he does not pass it back to you. Candida can live in the foreskin without affecting a man. In fact it lives on our skin but can go crazy and multiply every now and again or for some lucky people never at all. I know I've written a novel but I thought I should share my experience with you ladies out there. You never know we may eventually find out own affordable natural remedy. Good luck to everyone going through this. :-)


I had suffered with continual thrush of varying intensity for around two years, trying every preparation available to no avail, when I finally went to my local sexual health clinic, (no its not just a place for sexual diseases). I was told by a gyneacologist there that our bodies actually become over sensitised to the thrush bacteria which in turn makes the symptons worse and more prolonged. The answer was to use a vaginal pessary once a week for 12 months, (given free at a six week check up), my body then began to become less sensitive and for the first time since I could remember I felt comfortable down there. I now then began to use the pessaries only when I needed them, sometime having up to six weeks free of symptons. I have found now however I am getting a new pattern of thrush developing around ovulation, the answer to this is to use a pessary around the time of ovulation and one a week later. I am keeping a diary to see if loads of coffee can bring on an attack, I think it did the other day! I am so glad I took the step to go to the clinic, especially when I think of how much the treatment would have cost on prescription or over the counter


I have suffered with thrush on and off for years now and am at a point where I have finally had enough. Like everyone elso on here I have tried every tablet, pessary, cream going, think I could have shares in my local chemist. I know using perfumed soap/shower gels irritate me as does wearing tight non cotton underwear. I also agree with a couple of others about the effect of white wine, I think mine has been triggered several times by that. My main trigger I think is being physically and emotionally run down, my friend always says to me that I always get it when I am racing through life and getting run down and I think she is right. I have another bout of it now and am feeling very run down. Its a massive trigger for me and I think its my body getting out of balance and telling me to slow down, its the first thing that goes on me. Other people get colds etc when they are run down I get thrush. For the bout I have now I have used the oral tablet and the internal cream and its still hanging about. Am hoping I do not have to pay my GP a visit again for a long course of treatment.


Just thought i'd share some good news, i went into sainsbury's with it's own pharmacy and they are selling there own brand diaflucan for &#1634.99! I felt like buying in bulk!!!!


I have had thrush now on and off for over a year (more on than off if i'm honest) and i am so fed up. I do not have the itching symptoms but i am constantly aware of an odour which i'm sure other people must be aware of (hope not though) I also have a constant discharge. I have been checked out at the doctors and she said there was nothing sinister but i did have thrush. I have just read the comment above about the garlic and am thinking about it although i am slightly daunted by it. But i too can no longer afford to pay &#16310.00 for treatment every other week.


I suffered thrush sympyons but without itching,also i had an infection in my womb,which put me in hospital.doctors did'nt know what was wrong.I discovered myself that using tampons caused all of this,as soon as i stopped using them my symptons stopped immediatly.

Di Pearson

It's so good to know that I'm not alone in suffering from this curse! I'd become a regular customer of the local pharmacies around town. so much so that i would visit them in rotation so that they would not get suspicious. how stupid is that? My GP just told me to stop wearing my jeans and suggested a skirt! I've tried some of the remedies above and they do seem to be doing some good. - thanks. I was also recommended some briefs called DermaSilk which have something in them to kill off the fungi and help with the itch. Early days yet but they feel comfy and i'm not itchy any more. I'm keeping with my jeans at the moment.


i have suffered with thrush since i was about 12. I wear cotten underwear, never ever use soap femfresh is good as lactacyd femina can be hard to get but worth it if you can. My main trigger is bread which i try to avoid. I f i have a hot cross bun i know i'll pay the price! Always use white toilet paper, coloured or sented paper can irritate. sorry to be personal but i always go for a wee after sex, and i always wash soon after as this can start it off. Superdrug and lloyds do thier own version of diaflucan which is so much cheeper, My doctor even gave me some swabs to use at home so i could hand in and he would leave me a prescription. Ideally don't use tampons, towels are better but it's not always convenient. I hope some of these tips help fellow sufferes


i used to suffer from thrush regularaly and many people told me that by taking the usual creams/antibiotics prescribed by the doctor were making it worse and interferring with my natural PH balance. 1 particular health care professinal advised Garlic and i have never looked back. Jusyt buy an organic Garlic clove, peel it and cut a small amount off at each end of the clove. insert it over night and hey presto, symptoms almost immediately disappear. Just try not to get too intimate with your partner as the smell can be quite empowering for the night that you use it and maybe one night after. Also, never ever use soaps or washes on the vaginal area. i use a soap that is made of olive oil only and is unperfumed. Since using this soap I have not had Thrush at all.

tammy lee

i have had thrush ever since i had my son 13 years ago ive tried everything there is ie live yoghuts,bimuna,tablets oral and cream,cranburry juice,non scented soaps and shower gel,i also had an hysterectomy 9 weeks ago from other problems and the thrush has never gone away can anyone help with this all doctors keep doing is taking swabs and always comes back as thrush


I suffered from thrush just about every month, until I stumbled across a feminine wash called Lactacyd Femina, I started using it instead of soap and the difference is amazing! It's only available at phamarcies but you dont need a prescription.


I get it at least 6 times a year, - usually just before my period but not always. I have not managed to eliminate it completely but the severity is definitely reduced. My secret? Acidophilus tablets. The same thing that is in the Bio yoghurt drinks but loads more of them! It improves the bacterial balance of the body and I feel they help. I definitely agree with the white wine thing.... Too much sugar, too much yeast (bread, wine) and a run down body seem to kick it off for me!


I have suffered with thrush all my life, with varying bouts of a bit annoying to walking around like John Wayne in complete agony! Someone tipped me off a while ago, that has lessened my bouts per year dramatically... don't eat mushrooms or strawberries if you are a big sufferer. Don't ask me why, but I experimented one time, when I didn't have it, by eating a whole load of fried mushrooms with a Sunday morning 'fry up'. Sure enough, the next morning, I had terrible thrush again. I also think that drinking a lot of white wine can act as a trigger as can being run down.

Helen b

I don't think that people are advised as much as they could be that thrush can be a symptom of diabetes. I suffered with thrush for many months trying every cream and tablet available, I wore the correct underwear, stopped using bubble baths and only used products for sensitive skin, but as soon as I got rid of it, it came straight back, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with diabetes and started to receive the correct treatment that the thrush disappeared completely. If you have persistent thrush, maybe a diabetes test could just eliminate that a a possble cause.

Debbie C

I have suffered thrush off and on for years and had various advice from medical people. The confusion and clarity appears to be in that some inform that your partner cannot pass it back and forth to you, but others do. With this comes differing advice on how your partner should be treated if at all. I have come to feel my episodes are relative to excessive white wine intake, but i am not hundred per cent sure. sorry if this is not a concrete solution but i felt worth sharing as a long term sufferer!


You don't have to have sex to get thrush. Babies can have thrush too!

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hi kizz, you dont have to have sex to get thrush it is caused by yeast and nothing to be embarrased about at all, my advice is to tell your mum and let her get you some cream. i'm a mum myself and woud hate to think my daughter was worrying without telling me, trust me your mum wont be embarrased or upset about it it is a normal thing that happens to lots of people and not caused by anything you have done. x

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

Hi Kizz, For starters don't worry and don't be embarrassed. Thrush is common and it is also easy to cure. It is possible to get thrush without having sex as it's all about the PH balance of your vagina. Wearing cotton undies rather than nylon, using un-perfumed body wash or bubble bath and eating natural yogurt can all help. But to get rid of thrush now you need to go and see a chemist. They will give you some cream to use. If you find it comes back, go and see your doctor too. Good luck


Hello, i'm only 13 but iv never had sex in my life and i think i have thrush but how is that possable if iv never had sex and also how would i get rid off it without telling anyone as i haven't told anyone at all about it im too embarriested?


i agree with natural products also.. but they dont always seem to work unfortunatly. I have had thrush a few times before my current relationship but now i get it everymonth almost.. i had tried canesten cream and found it didnt really work after a few times of using it then i ended up asking for the canesten tablets over the counter at the chemist and i found these worked so much quicker.. then i would get it a month after, mostly before or after my i went to the doctor and thought i would get some tests done for std's and i got a papsmear as i thought this has to be something else as it keeps coming back..i found out that i had a type of thrush that was deeper and aparently this is from it not getting treated properly and it has gone to the next stage.. this was the most painful ever, i cryed and it was definatly effecting our sex life as i didnt want to have sex with my partner because it hurt and dint feel normal there.. after i was given antibiotics from the doctor to treat it, i havnt had it for about 6 months.. i also use qv wash from the chemist.. i just went on a 2 month holiday with my boyfriend and forgot to take the qv of course it comes back..i took a tablet with me on holidays just incase this happened but didnt have any cream.. with my boyfriend..he says he knows when he has thrush as his penis gets really dry and as soon as this goes he thinks he doesnt have it and its all good to go!... I think we both just need to use the cream for 7 days and hopefully it wont come back. i have also heard orange juice, chocolate (damn) and sugary foods are NOT good for when you have thrush and stress can make it worse too..natural cranberry juice is supposed to help.. hope this helps..


I really believe in natural products. I had thrush and literally insertd a tampon with live yogurt on for one hour and it didn't return, well worth a try although not pleasant. However I never use tampons otherwise... I have now got mouth thrush, as has my child and again the yogurt has helped lots. I do have a healthy diet, using garlic regularly. I SWEAR by the natural choices. Any antibiotics will only un balance the gut further...I also use aqueas creme for washing too, soaps are so highly perfumed...avoid if possible or use HALO NHORNS hypoallegenic...I HOPe this helps someone...


Really relived to find out its not just me i had never had thrush but after starting to have sexual relationships with men i have suffered lots with it, i always have used products specially designed for washing your bits that are ph ballanced and i have not changed anything else so i am sure it is the sex that causes it, as a tip cause i know how expensive the creams and tablets from the chemist are if you go into a lloyds chemist and tell them you want to do a carers chemist they take you in to the back room and ask you whats wrong and they will provide you with the treatment if you normally pay for perscriptions you still have to pay but its cheeper and if you dont pay for them its free xxx


I had a baby 21 months ago and have suffered persistent thrush ever since. Have spent a fortune on over the counter creams, tried sudocrem, live yoghurt and am now on tablets from the doc, take for 1 week a month for 6 months. Have yet to tell if it works, had the same tablets prev for 1 week only but thrush came back. Sometimes can just be unbearable and really affects relationship with partner, don't want to have sex because it will trigger it off, as well as periods. Lasts around a week each time. Fingers crossed this treatment will work but am googling candidiasis as suggested by Helen.


hi there i am 28 and have 2 kids i was fine after having my eldest daughter but since i have had my youngest son 2 years ago i have always suffered with thrush all the time maybe i am not doing the right things but it is so annoying but mine is a day to day thing and been given creams and what not but not doing any good i also got sterillized 5 months ago and its seemed to have got worse and i was thinking the wrse things as i was having very irregular periods too but i had a smear done and all was fine there but i just dont know what to do now. PLEASE HELP.


it is most likely candidiasis, search it on the web, it's an overgrowth of yeast in the gut and it can be treated- please don't suffer like i have, i can't even have a sexual relationship because of it


...and here i was thinking there's something wrong with me!. I've learnt a couple of things from reading evryones posts though and reckon I should try monitor it more closely and see if I get it when I'm run down as well. Believe it or not the first time I had it I suffered for MONTHS before I had the guts to tell my mom. I thought i had an s.t.d or had done something wrong and I wasn't even sexually active. Sometimes i get it right before my period but mostly just after I wonder if those creams, pessaries and tablets are that effective, literally two weeks ago I used a combi pack but I have it again..Why?!. It's such an uncomfortable thing to deal with, the strong yeasty smell, the itching/burning and pain. That area is so sensitive and it's annoying to be constantly aware of your privates. I know I have eyes a mouth,'s like having an eyelash always poking your eyeball it would be terrible. I try to do some of the things they advise not to do I've been to the doctor and done tests have no high blood sugar levels either. It's just uncomfortable and makes life miserable we need something that puts an end to it full stop:)!


im 17 and i have had thrush for nearly a year now and its very annoying! its not itchy its just constantly sore and uncomfortable its really effecting my sex life with my boyfriend and the doctors just keep giving me the same things that don't seem to be doing anything, i wear cotten pants and shower with cream the doctor gave me but i don't know what else to do its really getting me down and im constantly worrying about it i just wish it would go away. What else can i do? i don't really understand the garlic thing, is it meant to work and what do you do? help pleaseee!

Long term sufferer

I've suffered several bouts a year since the age of 16. I find the following help - I always wear cotton underwear; never wear jeans or trousers for more than a few hours at a time; always shower and never bath - using unperfumed products (try and get your partner to do this as well); wear stockings, not tights; use Natracare sanitary products (unperfumed, unbleached) as I find they do not irritate at all; use white toilet paper (dyes can trigger it) Use unperfumed products to wash your clothes especially underwear. I also suffer periodic bouts of cystitis so urinate after sex, swimming or using a jacuzzi (very strong trigger for me). Antibiotics trigger thrush in me so staying clear of cystitis is very important. I take fluconazole or use Canesten products to clear the thrush, drink a lot of fluids and use antibiotics when necessary to counteract the cystitis. I have wondered if sugar is a cause in me as although I've always tested clear for diabetes but have been told that sugar doesn't affect thrush; I get sugar highs and lows if I eat badly where I get really shaky and tired. I also get bouts of thrush when I'm tired and run down - this has been a bad year for me as it's been really hectic and my general health has been poor (lots of coughs and colds).


Im 15 and have had it for the past 3 years now. However my symptons dont seem the same as everyone elses but my doctor has still told me its thrush. I dont itch and it doesnt hurt i just have constant discharge throughout the day, all day, every day. Its so fustrating and really drags me down. None of the creams have worked, the yoghurt idea hasnt worked and neither have the tablets.


hey ive had thursh for a long period of time and it rely has affected my sex life thers nothing for it 2 go away i rely need hep i cant even have sex gdwith my partner it hurts that bad HELP!!!


When i use perfumed shower gels i get thrush. My Dr toldme to use Aqueus cream. Its a tub for around &#1632 from the chemist. Can be used for moisturiser,hand wash and body works a treat and lasts ages.


When i use perfumed shower gels i get thrush. My Dr toldme to use Aqueus cream. Its a tub for around &#1632 from the chemist. Can be used for moisturiser,hand wash and body works a treat and lasts ages.


I have been suffering very mild thrush after my period for years now. Only recently has it become a full on thing. I have taken cream and antibiotics- but it doesn't seem to budge. It makes it very difficult to go to school because I have to sit still and try to ignore it and do my work. It is such a sensitive area, it is really horrible.


I have not had sex since splittling with my ex, really itchy but she said she hasnt got it, and the doctor said you can get thrush from cuts near the effected area as they can be moist and spread and thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection,


I always get thrush at least once a month and it is so so painful and irritating. I googled a few things and I found a product called Biofem. You can buy it from large Boots stores. It is completely amazing and touch wood I haven't had thrush for about 3 months now. I would reccommend giving it a go if you get thrush alot like I did.


I've never really suffered from thrush, and have taken antibiotics obviously for various things over the years and never had any problems. Then about a year ago, I was on amoxycillin for something, and it gave me thrush. I had some once a day antibiotics for glandular swelling earlier this year, and it gave me thrush again! I can't understand why suddenly my body has started reacting in this way, but its not pleasant! I can't believe how expensive thrush treatments are, especially as it seems to be such a common problem for so many of us! I just bought the tablet and it cost me nearly &#194&#16313!!! Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!!


It's not only you chicks who suffer! An ex girlfriend gave it to me 15 years ago, I used to have attacks once a year on average. I became diabetic last year and have had 3 attacks already. They always happen when I'm run down


hi im only 18 n i have suffered with thrush alot i keep getin it after my period i dnt no wats goin on can sum one tell me if there the same thank u???


Helena, same for me- I have noticed that I do tend to get thrush just after my period or int he very last day of it. and i do not use tampns ever. So, not sure what it is.


I cant believe that other people have the same thing! When I first got it I was so scared and told my mum and she made a doctors appointment for me. Since going on the pill I have had recurrent thrush and have had it about 4 times in the last 5 months. It makes me feel really upset and I feel run down and annoyed. It is always the week before my period then goes away. I am thinking about going off the pill as I have cut down on sugar and wear cotton underwear all the time. I have had so much Canesten duo and it costs alot of money. I think I am going to try the yoghurt option. I am glad that other people feel the same

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