Tone up your body in one month

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One month to go:
Every day you need to include a brisk 10-minute walk in your routine. Whether you tag it on to your journey to work or create time at the end of your day, this walk is a must. It will kick-start your fitness regime and you can burn over 100 calories (that's a glass of wine!) every time.

You also need to ensure that you climb a minimum of two flights of stairs per day. This is essential for improving the muscle tone of your thighs.

Three times a week, you should do 20 minutes of tough, pulse-raising activity. This can be jogging, power walking or cycling.

Whatever you choose, you need to be breathless and sweating while you're doing it. This is important for really busting those fat cells. Getting sweaty and breathless enables fat to be released into your bloodstream to be used as energy.

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To get rid of bingo wings you need to improve the muscle tone of the triceps. Pick a small weight (you can use a tin of beans to start with ) put one arm straight up holding your weight and bend your arm so you go behind your head and then back up to straight. Try to control the movement You can support your elbow with your other arm and do as many reps as you can. And then repeat on the other arm doing the same amount of reps when you have mastered this you can up the weight a bit at a time. And you will see improvement in time.


yer i found this imformation very useful,please could you tell me how to get rid of bingowings


use weigts do fast reps on low weights this will tone your body up very quickly and not burn fat but you will have to eat alot of energy foods.


I am a slim 42 year old, and cannot afford to loose weight, but I really want to tone myself up, Joining a gym is no good, as when I did go, I got fed up of people saying "oh you are so slim why do you want to go to a gym", so I bought gym equipment at home instead, but need the motivation to do it regularly. However, most things I have read and fitness plans, are aimed at loosing weight, but I cannot eat any more as I have IBS, so the more I eat the more I have Diarrohea...! I do eat pretty well, but with being lactose and protein intolerant, it is quite difficult to get weight on, and keep it on. Does anyone know the best way to tone up without burning fat or calories...? thanks

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