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Eat what you want diet

GoodtoKnow's Diet Club can make losing weight so much easier. The Diet Club's Eat What You Like Diet is a user-friendly food diary service that offers a unique calorie counter for your mobile phone, so you can keep track of how many calories you're eating on the go. In a recent survey, two out of three people who used the calorie counting service said they'd found it more effective than other diets they'd tried in the past. Get a taste of how it works here... 

The GoodtoKnow Diet Club is only available online. You sign up to the service (it's free for the first five days) to receive personalised calorie, fat and exercise targets along with a food diary service. Then, you really can start eating what you like to lose weight because the GoodtoKnow Diet Club doesn't forbid any foods.

How does it work?

Most people underestimate how much they actually eat in a day by a third. By filling in an online food diary honestly you can tell where those extra calories are coming from and how to cut them out. Best of all, there are no banned foods. You can eat whatever you like as long as they fall within your calorie limit. It sounds so simple but eating fewer calories every day really is a fail-safe way to lose weight - and keep it off!

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I was shocked at my weight after my summer holiday, only to find out yesterday that I've put on over a stone since! I exercise regularly and to a good level, as well as having healthy meals. Therefore my problem is clearly snacking. A quick bite after work or in front of the TV in the evening seems like nothing, but has had a massive effect on my life. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated.


I lost 3 stone on reductil from my doctor and the in feb had a fall which means that i can not do as much exercise as i use to, so now i am putting all the wieght back on, i really want to keep it off so i have anice figure when i get married, hopefully next year, was ment to be this september, but due to physio appointments and still in pain, we have put it off. any tips please would be breally greatful.

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