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It's good to give your body a detox a few times a year to help flush out toxins. This two-week detox diet isn't just for summer and it will help you lose 7lb in two weeks by eating lots of fruit and veg.

What is the detox diet?

The Detox Diet is a two-week, low-fat plan that could help you lose weight and make your skin appear healthier and firmer. It's packed with fresh foods including loads of fruit and veg that will detox your system as you go.

If you follow the two-week plan, you can expect up to 7lb. If you repeat it straight afterwards, you could lose another 4-5lb. Each day comes with a motivating thought to spur you on!

The meal plans are low-fat and low-calorie while still being filling so you won't go hungry. This means you won't be tempted to snack and the low-calorie intake means you'll lose weight.

The Detox Diet is designed to release a steady stream of energy so you won't get slumps after meals. In fact, after a few days you should find you've stopped craving sugary and fatty foods. Foods like berries and oily fish will give your skin a boost leaving it looking firmer and possibly even more toned!

Who is the detox diet good for?

It's great if you have a holiday or special event coming up in a few weeks that you want to feel fab for! The Detox Diet is also really good for anyone who thinks their skin needs a boost. 

What are the drawbacks?

You've got to really enjoy fruit and veg to follow this plan. Some of the lunch options might leave you hungry.

What do you do on the detox diet?
Follow the menu plans closely, but swap meals around if you don't like something. On top of one breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack a day, you're allowed 300ml skimmed milk in addition to any milk in the plans. Avoid alcohol and stick to water, diet drinks, tea and coffee (with milk from your 300ml allowance).


Detox Diet: Day 1


Breakfast: Half a chopped mango, topped with 150g of low fat plain yogurt Lunch: Bagged leaf salad with 1 level tbsp toasted pine nuts, 1 level tbsp grated Parmesan. 1 slice of granary bread (no spread). An orange Dinner: Grilled fresh sardines, served with one medium boiled sweet potato, broccoli, wedges of lemon. Fresh fruit salad Snacks: 4 chocolate-coated Brazil nuts or 6 cocoa-dusted almonds


Detox Diet: Day 2


Breakfast: Bowl of blueberries. 1 slice of wholemeal toast, spread with 1tsp low fat spread Lunch:Chopped peppers, carrots and cucumber, with 2tbsp houmous and 4 sesame seed breadsticks. 1 banana Dinner: Chicken and veg stir-fry: 2tsp olive oil, 1 small chicken breast, carrots, spinach, peppers and sweetcorn. One small or half a large jacket potato Snacks 4 squares of dark chocolate

Detox Diet: Day 3

Breakfast: 5tbsp Bran Flakes, 125ml skimmed milk, 6 prunes Lunch: Tuna & avocado salad: 6 large lettuce leaves, 6 quarters of tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, half an avocado, 50g drained tuna in brine. 1 slice of multigrain bread Dinner: Small chicken breast with 3tbsp salsa. Small jacket potato, salad with radishes. Two kiwi fruits Snacks: Handful of dried cranberries


Detox Diet: Day 4


Breakfast: Nutty fruit shake: blend 200ml skimmed milk, 1tbsp wheatgerm, 100g of fresh or frozen raspberries (or other berries), 2tsp clear honey and 1tbsp of smooth peanut butter Lunch: Medium jacket potato with 2tbsp canned kidney beans in chilli sauce, mixed with 2tbsp of sweetcorn Dinner: Vegetable curry and brown rice. Melon Snacks: Strawberries and squirty cream


Detox Diet: Day 5


Breakfast: 2 slices of toast, 2tsp low fat spread, 2tsp Marmite. An apple Lunch: 85g of reduced fat guacamole, carrot and celery crudités, 2 oatcakes Dinner: Thread a skinless, chopped chicken breast onto 2 kebab skewers with chopped pepper, mushroom and onion. Grill until cooked through. Serve with 3 heaped tbsp of couscous Snacks: Small handful of tortilla chips with 1tbsp guacamole


Detox Diet: Day 6


Breakfast: 3tbsp unsweetened muesli with semi-skimmed milk, handful of blueberries or strawberries Lunch: Large wholemeal pitta bread with 50g of cold chicken or turkey, beansprouts, tomato and cucumber. Mild mustard to taste Dinner: 150g of cooked pasta with tomato-based sauce, green beans, 2 level tbsp of grated Parmesan cheese Snacks: Two Jaffa Cakes


Detox Diet: Day 7


Breakfast: Medium slice of granary toast with half a large can of baked beans and half a chopped avocado Lunch: Mix 4tbsp of cooked rice with 1 small can of mixed beans, 3 sliced spring onions, 1/2 diced pepper, 2tbsp fat-free French dressing to taste Dinner: 100g grilled salmon fillet with 3 small new potatoes, spinach and carrots Snacks: Lemon and raisin pancake topped with jam


Detox Diet: Days 8-14


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hi im pretty young but also pretty fat and i get named called and stuff in the streets is this a good way to lose weight as im fed up with being the size i am?

Monika Stary

Hey guys, my name is Monika I'm a wellness coach I help people with weight loss find me on facebook Monika Stary or email monika (at) stary dot hotmail dot com

andrea cahill

am goin to ibiza in october but like most off us av ate far to much over christmas and av had a few to drink its gettin me down the fruit bowl is fall and i look at it and think more crisps n sweets but i want to look fab in my bikini i no it will b fun so wish me look and i will b stickin to my plan i hope


Great diet, i love it.

free detox diet plan

Western life is toxification personified. Its ironic to think that when people talk of macrobiotic diet this or organic alternative that. Really all it means is the old fashioned way of eating. Since the whole processed era has crept in and given everything a buzz word, the plain and simple diet of yesteryear seems to have gone for good. Ironic when its really such a straight forward approach to eating.


i have not yet done the diet but this is my first to loose weight before i go to centre parks so whish me luck.

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