How to drop a dress size (in just five days)

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Drop a dress size diet
If you have a party or family gathering coming up and you want to know how to drop a dress size, we have a specially-devised diet plan that can help you to drop a dress size in just five days!

This five day low-fat, low-calorie plan is nutrient packed, so you'll be a dress-size smaller in less than a week! And don't worry about going hungry, there's a list of snacks to choose from too.

What is it?

A low-fat, nutritionally balanced five-day plan designed to leave you feeling and looking trim. Follow it exactly and you could lose enough weight to drop a dress size.

How does it work?

The meals in this diet plan are low fat and low calorie but still packed with nutrients so you'll lose weight without missing out on anything. There's plenty of fruit, veg and fibre in the meals that should fill you up.

Even if you do get peckish, there's a list of snacks to choose from. There's also a wide choice of breakfasts, lunches and dinners so you shouldn't get bored.

Who's it good for?

People who want to lose weight quickly for an event or party. People who don't like calorie counting, as long as you follow the meal plans, that's all been done for you.

What are the drawbacks?

It's a quick fix not a long-term solution so you could put back on any weight you lose after the plan.

What do you do?

Each day you should choose one breakfast, lunch and dinner. You're also allowed two snacks from the list below and you should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water.

Food plans


(Choose from one of the following every day - you can repeat!)

Meal 1. 30g (1oz) unsweetened muesli with 1tbsp natural yogurt and a handful of raspberries, 1 glass unsweetened orange juice.

Meal 2. 1 slice of wholemeal toast topped with 3 cherry tomatoes, sliced and grilled, 1 glass unsweetened fruit juice.

Meal 3. 2 small free-range eggs, poached and served on 1 slice of wholemeal toast.

Meal 4. Smoothie made from the juice of 1 large orange, 1 banana, 150ml (1/4pt) semi-skimmed milk, 1 small pot of natural yogurt and 1tsp clear honey. Whizz in a blender and serve.

Meal 5. 1 bagel, toasted and topped with 1tsp reduced fat cream cheese. Small bowl of strawberries.


You can tuck into 2 small free-range poached eggs served on 1 slice of wholemeal toast


(Choose from one of the following every day - you can repeat!)

Meal 1. Salad made with 1 small avocado, 1 tomato and 40g (1
1/2oz) reduced fat mozzarella, all sliced. Drizzle with 1tsp oil-free dressing, and serve with 2 wholegrain crackers.

Meal 2. 1 carton of fresh shop-bought vegetable soup, served with 1 wholemeal roll.

Meal 3. Open sandwich made with 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 2 slices of lean ham, rocket leaves and 2 tomatoes, sliced. 1 yogurt.

Meal 4. 1 jacket potato with 2tbsp low-fat cottage cheese, 1 orange.

Meal 5. 60g (2 1/4oz) shop-bought bean salad with 2 rice cakes, topped with low fat houmous, 1 apple


Unsure about jacket potato portion size? It should be no bigger than a computer mouse.



(Choose from one of the following every day - you can repeat!)

Meal 1. 1 medium salmon fillet, seasoned with lemon juice,
wrapped in foil and baked at 180°C (gas mark 4) for about 12 mins. Serve
with 100g (3 1/2oz) mixed vegetables, stir-fried in 1tsp olive oil.

Meal 2. Roast 1 chicken fillet with a small tin of plum tomatoes and mixed herbs at 190°C (at Gas 5) for 15-20 mins. Serve with 60g (2 1/4oz) each of broccoli and carrots, both steamed. 2 plums for dessert.

Meal 3. 2 lean beef sausages, grilled and served with 100g (4oz) green beans and 30g (1oz) sweet potato, mashed with 1tsp low-fat creme

Meal 4. 1 small lamb chop, grilled for 10-12 mins, and served with 60g (2 1/4oz) each of mangetout and sweetcorn, both steamed.

Meal 5. Chicken stir-fry made with 1 chicken breast, cut into
strips and fried in 1tbsp oil, with 4 mushrooms, 3 cherry tomatoes and a handful of mangetout, all sliced, and a handful of baby spinach. Serve
with 55g (2oz) of egg noodles, boiled.


If you don't fancy cherry tomatoes then try a chicken stir-fry with peppers



(Choose from one of the following every day - you can repeat!)

1 piece fruit
1 yogurt
1 cereal bar
2 oatcakes with cottage cheese
3 squares of dark chocolate Split meals on our Diet Club Light Choices plan to have more snacks and stop you feeling peckish!

Shopping list

After lots of requests from goodtoknow users (we do listen to you!), here's a shopping list with all the ingredients you need for the Drop A Dress Size In Five Days Diet for you to print out and take to the shops with you. As the diet's only for five days, if the amount isn't stated, buy the smallest quantity you can. If you want to repeat it or carry on, there will be ingredients left over for you to use or simply buy bigger quantities.

Box of unsweetened muesli
Cereal bars

Milk, dairy and eggs
Half a pint of semi-skimmed milk
Natural yogurt
Reduced-fat cream cheese
Reduced-fat mozzarella
Low-fat yogurt
Low-fat cottage cheese
Low-fat creme fraiche
Free-range eggs

Fresh raspberries
Fresh strawberries
2 oranges
2 plums
1 banana
1 lemon

Unsweetened orange juice

Loaf of wholemeal bread
Wholemeal rolls
Wholegrain crackers

Box of cherry tomatoes
Bag of rocket
2 tomatoes
1 avocado
1 sweet potato
1 large potato for baking
Green beans
Mange tout
Baby spinach
Oil-free salad dressing

Meat and fish
Packet of lean ham
2 lean beef sausages
1 chicken breast
1 chicken fillet
1 medium salmon fillet
1 lamb chop

Tinned items
Small tin of plum tomatoes
Small tin of sweetcorn

Egg noodles

Fresh vegetable soup

Biscuits and snacks
Dark chocolate bar

Continued below...

Mixed herbs
Jar of clear honey
Olive oil (for cooking)

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i wish to get slim


this is going to sound weird but im a 12yr old going on 13 and i an very fat for my age i want to know if there is a diet for me and if it can fit into school. i really want to lose a lot of weoght from my thighs.


I'm impressed!!! Was a size 12-14 before i tried this diet. Granted i didn't lose a complete dress size but i can tell u that i did lose some weight. Am now a perfect 12 and very pleased!!!!!!! Have managed to fit into some jeans i had before i had my son who's now nearly 3!!!! Will go back on the diet soon as i want to be at my pre-pregnancy weight!!! Hurray for whoever invented this diet!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Aimee, I think the reason you lost sizes but not weight is that by doing a lot of exercise you have gained the muscle, which supposedly weighs more than fat. It's not a bad thing! =)


hey i know this is probably a bit random but i'm fifteen, since about november 08 i have been doing alot of running (about 8km a night) and eating extremely healthily. i have dropped two dress sizes (from 14 to 10) but i have only lost a couple of pounds. can any one help me with this please? thanks xx


Hi, can i just make a comment on the last comment, 1 tsp of sugar is actually around 20 calories!! And not 400, if you do drink tea/coffee, just start off by using skimmed milk and sweetners if you cannot stop drinking them altogether, and use decaff if you don't need the energy rush.


Ann Carline, I wouldn't suggest that you drank tea or coffee if you have sugar in either of them. One teaspoon of sugar is 400 calories! However, caffeine is good at speeding up the metabolism, and so I would presume that unsweetened teas and coffees would be fine to drink, or if you use sweeteners. Water is definately the best drink for dieting as it flushes out all the nasties. Also, ice cold water burns more calories than it puts on, as your body burns calories warming it up. :)


Becca/darcy mann - you probably dont need to lose weight but with you beng so young you probably wont find anything suitable online, cos everyones so different especially at your age. Instead, go to see your nurse at your local doctors they will be able to taylor something to you, if you can face talking to your parents aout it then thats proabably the way to go (they probably control the shopping in your house anyway so you'll need there support) Dont give up, I felt big as a child but its amazing how much difference a couple of years can make. - Dont let this get you down or make you sad - Talk to someone!


Hi.. I know this is probably wierd but i am 13 and i am much bigger than all the girls who are my age and i cant find any children dieting sites and i really need help cause it makes me unhappy all the time that i cant fit in properly. And i was just wondering if you could please help with a site for me.. Thanx

darcy mann

I'm a 12 year old now i now that it sounds weird i mean i would find it weird if there was a 12 year old on this sort of thing but im on here because i hate my figure and im looking for a kid diet thing so if any one know's of any kids dieting website please tell me just write it on here and i'll see if theres anything that looks good for me thanks

ann baldwin

i want to lose weight as soon as posible as i getting married in august

Teresa Carter

I tried this and lost 4ilbs and half an inch of bust, waist and hips. Unfortunately I am still in the same dress size. The shopping list was useful but there were some items missed of ie rice cakes and hommous

Miss Dunter

I have gained a stone since starting your diet. I have only ate the foods types in the diet and I am very disappointed.

ann carline

The five day Diet does't mention any drinks but water can you have tea or coffee with milk in it.


Right &#150&#160I did this diet and it worked. I didn't go down to a ten or i dont think i did as I was a 12 maybe before I went onthis diet. But I lost my wobbly tum and looked so much better even my partner noticed and i felt gret. thanks for a brilliant websight! xxxxxx LOL

Christine Crossley

I've never believed that these quick diets actually work but I thought I'd give this one a go cos I desperately needed to fit into an old dress for a party and it worked! My dress now fits and I wasn't even bulging out the sides! I'd recommend this diet to any ppl who wana lose weight quickly for a holiday or party.


heyy im only 12 im 12st &&9pounds imm goin on holiday end of july n i wud luv 2 bee wearin a bikinii i think im huge help!?? x

sarahh :)

hello guys im 14 and im a size 8-10 i feel really horrid i have severe love handles and i want to loose them also the podge around my waist. i also need a quick plan/ exercise to tone my thighhs calves and bum.. anyone help?? itd be truly appreciated xx


i am currently a size 10 on top and a 14 on bottom prom is in 6 can i loose weight quickly.... HELP!!!! I want top be a size 10 all over :P


Hi Sarah, I was wondering what types of exercises did you have to do for 20 mins? I don't know how else to contact you. I am a size 10 and I really want to go to a size 8. Please let me know, thanks.


Hey all. So i'm 16 in a month and a week after my birthday i have my prom, and for a few weeks now i have been telling myself to loose 2 dress sizes before prom. I'm currently a size 16, and i can sometimes fit in to size 14 trousers. I tried on a really nice dress and would love to go into the shop and buy a size 10 or even a 12. I'm not sure how to though. I always tell myself i will loose weight, and eat healthy etc and i just can't stick to it. I need someone to help me and tell me how to do it and that. Is it even possible to drop like 2 or 3 dress sizes in a month???


hey all..... I'm 18 years old and I'm going on holiday in august... I'm a size 12 but would prefer to be a size 10 and to tone up my stomach and thighs... but the problem is that i love food to much and i find it really hard to stick to a strict regime... so any ideas that will help me to kick my habit of eating will be much appreciated. xx


Hey girls im 17, i have an AS drama play in exactly a week and i need to lose a bit of weight to get into my cinderella almost zips up maybe an inch off the waist and it would be perfect. Im size 10 HELP,


hi im 10 years of age and i weigh 126 lb, im gigantic, i wanted to try the cabbage soup diet but my mum said no, im about 5 foot and i want to weigh about 112 pounds in a month, any good advice, x kate

Online diets editor

Hi ladies, While we do have diets on the site which are for quick weight loss, please don't take slimming too far. So many of you are such tiny dress sizes before you even begin dieting, please consider whether you really need to lose any weight. Perhaps some simple toning exercises would be better for you? Please check your BMI and consult a doctor before starting any radical slimming plans - the most important thing is to stay healthy. Diets editor - goodtoknow


Im currently a size eight UK, and am aiming to drop to a size six. The main thing to try and accomplish is simply high protein, high fibre, low carbs. FIBRE should include things like bananas, because they are VERY good. In terms of exercise, the best form of fat loss is HIIT interval training. Which consists of 30 seconds running as fast as you can, and 30 seconds slowing down to a fast walk, and then continue for around 10 reps. If you do this not only will your metabolism increase for 48 hours afterwards and it will still continue burning fat, you only need to do this around twice a week. If you are doing it right you shouldnt be able to do this for very long around 8 minutes maximum if you are lasting longer, you are not doing it right. Or you're superhuman. I only need to lose five more pounds and Im pretty sure I'll be able to do that in the next week.


Heya Im Sort Of Happy the Size I Am Wich Is Size 12-14 I Wud Like To Be A Size 10 But I Find It Hard To Diet As I Live On &#195&#130&#194&#16350 a Week And On MY Own So Its Easy Just To Thow In Chips and Burger Or Somthink Like That. Oh And The Gils That Are A Size 10 Trying To Be a 8 Yhoo Dont Really Need To Change What Yhoo Eat Just Do More Excercise But I Think Your Girls Are A Great Size Must Guys Profer A Size 10 Then 6 and 8. x


hi i am 16 years of age...and im trying to lose weight for my friends party i have really big thighs and need to get in to shape quickly what is the best thing i should do...please help me x


hi girls, so im 18 now and im losing weight again. im a size 10 but i want to be an eight. ive done it before so il let you into a couple of tips, even email me maybe i can help. when i was 14 i was almost a size 16 and i dropped rapidly to a 10, now it takes time, its best to get this idea of a quick fix out of your mind and you REALLY need to be willing to sacrafice. FOOD first of all dont cut food out completely. a good breakfast is needed to start the process, something high in fibre like weetabix or porridge. no snaking crucial rule in my diet plan! of course you can have an apple here or there, but if you feel hungry between meals, your probably dehydrated. so make sure you drink pleanty of water. tea's also great because its herbs will give the old poo system a clearing. salads arnt as frightful as they look. a bit of pitta bread, pleanty of colourful veggie and some salad dressing and meat like chicken. its also good to stay away from carbs like pasta, but have at least one pasta meal a week to keep up energy. meats are great for energy its best to eat chicken and fish ads they have the most benefits of protien but are the least fatty meats. i also reccommend to stay away from bread. pitta and tortila is fine, replace bread with crackers or rice cakes like snak o jacks. EXERCISE you need to to good 20 mins exercise everyday at the very least if you want my diet plan to work. i reccomend doing it in the morning before you eat as it boosts your metabolism(this means youll burn more fat during the entire day) stomach crunches are great for tightening your stomach if you want to tone only. to lose the weight i bought a treadmill, but its just as easy to go for a run outside and cheaper lol start at a good pace but push yourself. another great idea are the mary conelly excerisie dvds, as they work most muscles in the body and are doable in the comfort of your own home. cut your calorie intake to 1200 per day. and keep a journal recording the foods you eat and their calorise. hope i helped please contact me. my mum helped me, i could help you.

kelly louise

im hoping to lose weight before my mums wedding what exercises do you have to do on this diet

Natalia Mckenzie

Hi, I'm 14. I weigh 165 lbs. I hate the way i look and my confidence is crushed. I'd like to know how i can lose 3-4 jean sizes in 2 months. I have a hard time with diets bcuz of all the junk we have in our fridge but im willing to try. any advice that will help me reach my goal is greatly appriciated.


I haven't tried this diet but it caught my interest I am a size 20 and I am trying to lose 3 pant sizes but when I started to read the comments on here I was happy for the older crowd but kids that are 12 and 13 this advice is for you I have been a bigger girl all my life and the only thing that will help you in the long run is just trying to eat healthier more fruits and veggies less fries and sodas I know its hard especially with fast food and yucky cafeteria food but excersie and eating right is the best way to go about it not constant dieting I hope I helped


It's very worrying when you see some of the comments here that are from our younger generation. The magazine is full of good, easy, cheap and low fat well balanced recipes. So come on give them the help they want you never know it my even help you too.


hi i've lost nearly a stone my cutting out wheat and sweets and crisps and i don't feel bloated all the time


Hi, i have seen all these comments and i'm not embaressed to sy this but i'm 14 going on to 15 and im a size 18-20 n i really need help to lose weight but my parents aint going to let me sign up for this diet sight because you have to pay!! But I really need to lose weight because i gt a prom next year n i really want to wear a nice blue dress!! please HELP ME!!!! : (


i am a size 10 in the uk i would like 2 be a size 8 or 6 plz help me


Hii, Im 17 and a very big 1, i just wanted to know if any one knew how to lose alot of weight in little time

Jan Strassen

There isn't a single vegetarian dinner on this diet, it's a real shame because even if there had only been a couple to choose I could have done this diet.


Hi im 12 and my birthdays in a cupple of week's and i was going to by this really nice dress thing but they only have the size down from my size, so i was wondering if the diet acctually worked.


Aimee, you probably haven't lost that much weight because you've put muscle on from all of your running! Keep on doing what you're doing because building muscle helps burn calories. Don't worry about the number on the scale, worry about how you feel!


i would just like to drop a dress size to c if i can do it,i am a size 20


hi i am 13, 14 in august and would love to drop about 3 dress sizes i weigh 15 and a half stone but i am really tall and i look like i weigh about 10 stone i am a size 12/14 and would love to lose weight but i cant stick to a diet its really hard for me i dont no why i just cant keep it up and i cant join any gyms around mine because i ahve to be 14 for health and safety and stuff has anyone got any tips?? thanks


This message is for everyone who wants to change their body: Be sensible when losing weight. I understand how frustrating it is, whether young or old, to be unhappy with your figure/weight. I just want to say if you really REALLY want to lose weight, then talk to your mum, or if you don't feel that she understands, talk to your doctor or nurse. They are the best people to advise you on how to do it. Don't do a rush job, or randomly cut something important out of your diet, it can cause all kinds of problems at a later date that you won't forsee. THe most important thing is to eat healthily, a little bit of something does you good, but a lot of it (and that can be anything!) can do you harm! Slimming world gives a good diet, as it cuts out fats, but make sure you speak to the people you live with, as they can support you. To the young un's! If you feel that you are overweight, then once again, just make sure you speak to someone who can help. It isnt good for anyone to be overweight, but you should ensure that you ARE overweight before targeting the problem. Being underweight can lead to heart failure and other problems. To the parents: if your kid feels overweight and really wants to do something about it, get all the family on a health kick! A recent study has shown that just cutting all the additives and preservatives out of your diet means you lose weight, and become healthier! NB Spread the news - a 330ml can of coke a day can cause diabetes! If you have a 'no added sugar' something, it is likely that it contains aspartame which has been linked to all kinds of problems, notably cancer. Best way to go is home cooking! Fresh and additive free!

Katie goodtoknow

Hi Nanny D Thanks for your comment. We do monitor all the comments that are posted on goodtoknow. The Drop A Dress Size In Five Days Diet is a short-term diet plan aimed at adults who are overweight (so they have a BMI of over 25). We would like to stress that this diet is not suitable for children. Katie


I am a 60 year old Great- Grandmother and can I just say I am appalled by most of these letters on the first page there are 15 children who are desperate to lose weight and most of them only want to do it because they want to fit in with other children who call them names (Which is Bullying) Another girl said she wanted this new job "BUT" it is a requirement that you must be a size 4 before you can apply for the job. I just wish she had said where this job is because I would take great pleasure in telling them just how disgusting they are. Only 6 adults commented on this article, which shows just who this article is aimed at I suppose. And counting me there are only 3 people who think like me. I have 4 Granddaughters 3 of them are what I class as CHILDREN and I will be making sure they do not go on any stupid diets. I know you can not foresee who reads your articles "BUT" I just wanted to make you aware what is going on in your letters. Thank you.


Well, I'm 13. And recently I started to hate my body, I mean fitting in at school is hard enough. And I know what your thinking. Another one of those self conscious children who know nothing about anything. Well, first thing I tried was starvation. That didn't help. I couldn't focus and it made gym all that much harder. Then I looked up online how to lose my belly fat. And well right now I'm sitting at a size 8 in dress, and I'm getting abs!!! And my friends have even complimented me on how thin I was getting. It feels great!!! So I think you all should work out, my workout plan is not intense but I do it twice a day, and there all things I can do in bed, so it makes it easier. I'm even better at running. We do this thing In gym called the 12 minute run and I got 31 laps instead of my usual 25 it was amazing!!!! I love stamina. So I personally think diets don't work. I exercise and eat right anyway so there's no need to go on a diet. I have a routine. I eat a huge breakfast a smaller lunch and an even smaller dinner. It keeps you fuller longer. I also have very healthy snacks. And maybe twice a week tops I treat myself. :) it's an amazing way to live.


Hello, I'm 5'5 and I dread to think how much I weigh, but to me its not about what the scales tell you, I beleive its what the mirror tells you and how you feel about yourself, currently I am a size 12, which is not fat at all however I used to be a size 8 and I had a lot more confidence. I am going to try this diet as my birthday is in 3 weeks and I am planning on doing anything to get back to a size 8. Will keep you posted :) xx


It would be great if there was a vegetarian version of this.


hi i wanna lose weight and was looking online for tips, came across this page and saw pp sizes under 10 wanting to lose weight, u guys need a doctor, a mental health doctor, seriosly


Hi, I'm 12 years old and a size 14. I would love to drop 4 dress sizes so i would be a size 6. It would really make me feel good about myself and I am starting a new school in a few months and want to look good in my uniform! If anyone can give me any advice i would be really grateful! thanks


hi im rebecca and im a size 12/14 and i need to loose a lot of weight but i want to get to atleast a size 10 for my school dance this summer and im going on holiday to america so i want to look nice in a bikini.all the best! :P


hi im 15, and i serioulsy want to loose weight. not for anyone to feel good about myself. i've recently been doing home cardio and i've dropped a dress size or two as now my size 12 jeans are loose and were tight as hell before. but i want to tone down my legs and belly. that is were the persistant fat remains. any help?


firstly id like to say im 33yrs old and a size 16 and would love to be a size husband loves the way i am and i must say get good comments off friends when i make the effort to glam up,so he wouldnt like to see me smaller than a 14 as my curves would dissapear.i cant understand why alot of the comments are from girls that are below a size 10 saying they want to be smaller.theres better things to worry about than looking like a golf club.


im a size 4/6, but want to lose another dress size- tips?!

Tasnim Jaay

hi,im a 12 year old girl,going to be 13 in december and i think i need help me lose A LOT of weight,im a size 12/14 i want to go down to 8/10 atleast 3 and a half weeks of exercising.


hey, im 15 and weigh 9stone 5 and im 5"4, last summer i went through a rough phase with eating as i was being bullied and was size 4-6 and ever since i put weight back on (10/ 12) i have felt awful, i want to drop a dress size ( maybe two ) and keep it of can you advise me on best foods and exercises to do. thanks all :) x


hi im 18 and im a size 8 wich i think is very healthy iv been doing alot of training for the army and u dont need to starve urself to get slim eat a big breakfast small lunch and small dinner just make sure its healthy food and not junk. go for a steady run or jog for no less then 45 mins and do sit ups and plank it works a treat


Hii everyone, ive noticed that not many people have responded to actually how you lose the weight, so i will try to help. I am 17 and a UK size 6, and i am trying to slim down to a 4 as it is a requirement for my new possible job. I think the most obvious way to lose weight quickly is to eat at least 2 proper healthy meals per day. Breakfast and an evening meal, examples may include toast, unsugared cereal such as wheatabix or a fruit salad. Personally I wouldnt go with a fruit salad even though experts say so, because i dont find them filling. If you feel hungry around lunch fruit is a good option but a light brown bread sandwich (no mayonaise!) with only one topping on is also very healthy. If you can skip lunch do, but snacking on crisps or chocolate is very bad! For dinner try white meats only for a while (i study double medical science and statistics show eating one piece of steak is like eating the equivalent of 100 chicken breasts in fat levels). Avoid frying at all costs, try grilling meats to remove excess fats. Have fun with the diets!


I'm currently a size 6 but for almost two years now I have wanted SO bad to be a size 4. It's like the perfect size.


Hi im 15 and a size 14! i would love to drop a dress size just for that bit of confidence, but because of school starting my gcse's and not having a job, i dont have the time or the money to go to the gym :/ Also im quite a fussy eater, and don't like my vegetables or many meats... its not looking good :P I need help, im not sure what to do?


Hi guys, As far as I can tell, this diet looks really good. It just follows basic nutritional common sense. Make sure you only have carbs for breakfast and maybe lunch, but definitely not for dinner; eat like 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going, and make sure portion sizes are smallish. The secret is to feel 80% full, and this is best achieved with fruit, vegetables and lean protein. For best results, exercise about three times a week and you should notice some differences within a fortnight. The best thing to do after this is to maintain your weight, probably by increasing portion sizes a little. All the best! Amilee


hi im 18 going to a debs in a little under a month im a size 12 and the dress i have is tight so i need to drop a dress size for it please help me i go to the gym at least once a week to i dont know what to do????????


hi im a size 8/10 and i get called fat witch makes me feel awful about my self and i am also going to egypt in about two weeks, i have got a fatty tummy and waist fat legs a huge bum and fatty arms Please Somebody Help Me Loose Waight To Feel Good In Myself And Stop People Saying Im Fat...


Girls, you can't lose that much fat in such a short amount of time. It will be mostly water weight, and it's hard on your body to go on strict diets at any age. The best plan of attack is to eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein in reasonable portions. In addition, drink plenty of water and avoid salt (or prepackaged foods containing lots of sodium) to prevent water-retention and bloating, and workout on a regular basis. 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days of the week is best. A combination of strength training to build muscle (the best way to get bikini ready!) and some cardio to strengthen the heart and burn extra calories is ideal. I've followed this type of lifestyle for several months and have lost over 20 lbs. By following a healthy plan like this (consult a doctor before beginning any plan), your body will naturally move towards it's ideal size and shape. You've probably all heard these suggestions before, and there's a reason for that: THEY WORK!!! Just remember to love your body no matter what it looks like. It does so much for us and shouldn't be taken for granted! Have a great summer :)


hi im 16 nearly 17 i go on holiday in 5 weeks and i would like to lose some weight but i really like my food im a size 12 i would love to be a size 8-10 help me please


hi all....i'm 15 years old and am going on holiday 4 weeks from now.i'm really looking forward to it,i'm a size 18 uk and very much want to be a size 10 or even a size 8. i weigh 75 pounds and i'm 6 feet tall. please please i need your help... {thank you}


Hi, I'm 13 and want/need to lose weight. Is this diet suitable for me?


I know this is an old comment, but gum can cause bloating. Eating cucumbers is much better. I will try this for the next five days. I will weigh myself on 3/30/2016 and post the results.

loxley fletcher

*go to italy not got to italy

loxley fletcher

um good but i found my self hungary after the meals so i suggest chewing something like gum or drinking a big glass of water hi laurenn im 13 and i know how it feels i get called fat lots coz im size 10 im aming for size 6 or 8 in time for when i got italy


I really cannot believe that this is remotely true. I am a size 12 and know for a fact that by following this diet will not make me a size 10 in five days.

Dani Mueller

starting today, 5' 10", 100kg :-(


Hi Girlies, my name is Rachel. I am a late teen who is 5"4 (weighing almost 70 kg) becoming a size 12, I have started the 30 day fitness challenge so I can tone up before my holiday in the Summer, I must say that it is working so if you are interested just Google it, because I am starting to feel my stomach tighten! I will also have a go at this diet because there aren't any actual reviews that I have found in the comments, just loads of 12 year olds complaining that their fat when I was 60kg at their age! I am just trying to lose the layer of winter/exam belly fat that I got so hopefully this diet combined with the challenge is really gonna help me! Rachel x


Hi, I'm 14 years old. I'm 164cm or 165 and I weigh 66 kg. I don't look that fat but i am. I can't stop eating. I also can't do the diet as given cause my parents NEVER cooparate with my food plan. I have tried lots methods but none of them work. Help please?

Cathryn Bower

Yes I was hoping for that. I may try this diet by changing the meat for a quorn option. Not sure if it will work though.

Cathryn Bower

Could I swap the meat for quorn as I'm a vegetarian?


Gna start this diet tomorrow gt my hen night in two weeks so going to do it for two weeks with some light exercising wish me luck :-/


Rude much!!!!!!!!! That's not how you talk to children!!!

Gemma Chandler

Hi there, have you read our information on the Vegetarian Diet? It's a really great, healthy and sustainable way to lose weight

It would be great if there was a vegetarian version of this.


sorry, I meant *will help your digestive system. & i highly suggest both.


Tea should be okay if it is green tea. Green tea is really great for you and help you sigestive system. As well as warm lemon water. I highly sudjest both. :)


hi im 5ft8 and weigh 10st. i would like to be 9st, i go to the gym everyday and try not to eat that much, yet i still cant get below 10st. im a size 10 sometimes a 12. would like to be a size 8, comfy 10. any ideas on how to lose the weight?

Laurenn Jacquelyn

Hii, Im 15 Years Of Age And Have Been Battling With My Weight For A while :S This Diet Has Help With Portion Sizes Allthough I Only Lost 6lbs (Not Exactly A Dress Size) Its A Great Diet; also i have lost 4 1/2 inches overall :) Hope This Helped :D


Hi, I am going to start this diet tomorrow but other than saying that you should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day it doesn't specify if you are allowed to have any other drinks such as tea or coffee (can you have milk in these?) diet soft drinks etc? I usually have no added sugar squash in my water. Does anyone know if these are ok or what they did? Thanks Michelle.


losing weight in a short amount of time; you shouldnt do it its bad for you its healthy to lose and average od 2lbs a week and the focus should be on lifestyle change longterm. if you cant commit to a longterm change dont expect lasting results. going on a starvation diet for a week losing stone and then eating how you did before will only mean youll put all the weight back on again and you havent changed any of your unhealty habits. really think about this first as its also very bad for your body to lose so much weight in such a short space of time not good idea girls. you need some patience to do it healthily but its worth the wait. you can do it and you will feel better too cos your body will be getting all the right nutrients.


girls you dont need fad diets honestly it doesnt work long term and isnt good for your health...its common sense eat things that are natural vegetables, fruit, whole grains such as brown rice,quinoa, and for carbs sweet potato is really good much better than regular ones, try cutting down on the wheat because alot of people find they are allergic and it can cause bloating plus it really isnt good for you. portion control of carbs is important but learn to listen to your body eat slowly it takes 20 minutes for your body to recognise its full. when you feel full stop eating dont continue on until you feel sick. but you need carbs so dont cut them out! if you do you will be very tired and knowone can survive like that longterm. try and cut down on oil when frying in curries etc but obvious things are poach eggs as opposed to frying much healthier! eat asmuch veggies and fruit as you can and want and try and incorporate as much raw veggies in as you can. also try and cook from scratch as much as possible you know whats in it its not going to have any horrible chemicals in there and loaded with oil you can see exactly whats going into it. plus it saves money. if you do have to have sweets etc save them for special occasions only for example going out for a family meal once a month have a pudding or christmas but make sure you limit yourself and dont go crazy. this stuff really shouldnt be a daily part of your diet its soo bad for you and will make you gain weight.


i just wanna say if you dont like vegetables then im sorry you need to get over it! your tatsebuds actaully change every 13 days and this is a fact, so sometimes you have to force yourself to try a little bit and make sure you do this 3 or four times repeatedly you may find that you will change and you'll actually begin to like some vegetable the more you eat them. For instance i never used to like mushrooms when younger and now they're my favourite vegetable! strange eh! well maybe cos my mum forced them on me so sometimes i think parents are too nice, you should eat what your given at home and appreciate it. there are kids in africa who cant afford to be so picky and ungrateful. Plus i dont see any hope for you if you dont like vegetables im sorry to say but you cant have a healthy diet and lose weight if you dont eat any simply because your body wont be getting anywhere near enough nutrients that it needs so youll always be craving junk food. i know this is harsh but your going to have to learn to love them for if not the sake of losing weight but also your health longterm!


It is upsetting that so many young girls are so worried about their weight but i understand i was there age 12, i thought i was fat simply because i was developing boobs before everyone else and they laughed at me. Now looking back i see i was very slim a size 8, infact. Anyway girls as ive got older ive realised that health not only is the most improtant thing to focus on but also leads to weight loss naturally. My advice is for you if you can to read a book from amazon 'dr furhman's eat for health' it's amazing and explains everything you need to know on why food choices are so important, and how eating high nutrient foods leads to you being at your healthiest weight as a result. So if you can't buy this book my advice is cut out junk food, for examples anything man made, choc, sweets refined sugar, crisps, cake, fast food. try a meal plan such as follows oatmeal for breakfast with fruit flax seed and honey if preferred snack if you need one either handful sunflower/pumpkin seeds or nuts or piece of fruit lunch either homemade veg soup or salad with your favourite veggies have with hummous and pitta bread and then piece of fruit to finish try a yummy salad dressing of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar about a tsp of each dinner things such as homemade thai curry with lots of veggies or some meat if you eat it, stirfry veggies, piece of fruit and yoghurt for dessert that's the general idea as many vegetables as possible and most importantly high nutrient dense foods which fill you up longer as your body is actually getting what it needs and wont make you crave more food or junk food :) now exercise wise it does depend on what you do already so ask your doctor first but most young kids should be fairly active anyway so aim for anything up to 45mins cardio 4-5 times a week plus an hours walk every day you can build up to this, and then try using either a resitance band or hand weights 3 times a week for toning. Now this is the way to do it healthily.


Also I have something to say to these preteens!! Unless you have been diagnosed by an actual doctor for obiesity there is no true reason to lose wieght! OMG you body isnt done growing and you could hurt yourself permenatly. Eat healthy and play outside and put down the freakin soda and candy bar and stop complaining about something that YOU did to yourself. No one forced you to put the freakin candy bar in your mouth or wash it down with soda. as my mother always said " a minute on your lips and an eternity on your hips."


I am 23, 5'3", size 6 and last time I checked I wieghed 141lbs. *sigh* I want to lose about 10-12lbs. Being a size 4 would be freakin awesome but really its the fact that a size 6 which used to be a bit baggy is now a bit tight. Hopefully this page will help. wish me luck!

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