Rosemary Conley's Kick-start Diet

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Rosemary Conley

Diet and fitness guru Rosemary Conley shows you how to boost your metabolism on this low GI (glycaemic index) low-fat diet. Full of slow release energy foods, you won't go hungry on this sensible 21-day diet.

What is the Rosemary Conley Kick-start Diet?

A 21-day diet plan by health and fitness expert Rosemary Conley designed to kick-start your metabolism and help you get in shape.
Once you've completed the two-week kick-start diet, there's another week-long plan where you're allowed more calories and more treats including alcohol. Followed correctly, the Rosemary Conley Kick-Start Low GI Diet could help you lose up to half a stone!

How does the Rosemary Conley Kick-start Diet work?

The foods on this diet are low GI (glycaemic index) which means they're digested slowly. Energy will be released steadily so you won't suffer from any after-lunch slumps that make snacking so tempting.

The Kick-Start Low GI Diet is low-fat and calorie controlled so you'll lose weight in a healthy way. In general, a low GI diet can also help prevent heart disease and cut your risk of developing diabetes.

Who is the Rosemary Conley Kick-start Diet good for?

People who like detailed diet meal plans to follow. People who tend to get sugar highs and lows as this will help even these out.

What are the drawbacks of the Rosemary Conley Kick-start Diet?

No alcohol or puddings are allowed in weeks one or two.

What do you do?

For the first two weeks follow the 14-day kick-start diet plan. You can
eat three main meals a day plus two power snacks, one mid-morning and
one mid-afternoon. You're also allowed an extra portion of salad that
you can eat at any time and 450ml (3/4 pint) semi-skimmed milk.

During week three, mix and match the meal plans. You can also add a 100
calorie low-fat dessert each day, a daily treat worth 100 calories plus
an alcoholic drink each day worth 100 calories.

Try to choose foods with five percent or less fat content and remember
to drink five glasses of water a day. Tea, coffee and diet drinks are
also allowed and you can repeat any of the meal options.

14-Day Kick-Start Diet Plan

Day 1 & Day 8

1/2 fresh grapefruit with low-calorie sweetener, one poached or boiled
egg with a slice of toasted wholegrain bread spread with Marmite
1 pitta bread filled with shredded lettuce and 50g (2oz) low-fat cottage cheese and 1tbsp sweetcorn
4 slices of roast chicken served with 115g (4oz) boiled new potatoes (with skins) and unlimited vegetables


Day 2 & Day 9

20g (3/4oz) any whole-oat or high-fibre cereal served with milk from
allowance and low-calorie sweetener, a 100g pot low-fat fruit yogurt
(max 75 kcal and 5% fat)
2 slices wholegrain bread filled with salad, low fat salad oil plus 25g (1oz) wafer thin ham, an apple
115g (4oz) lean fillet or rump steak, grilled, served with 115g (4oz)
boiled new potatoes, unlimited green vegetables, grilled tomatoes and
mushrooms, a kiwi fruit

Day 3 & Day 10

1 slice wholegrain bread spread with tomato ketchup topped with 2 grilled turkey rashers, a peach
50g (2oz) smoked mackerel fillet served with 1tsp horseradish sauce, a large mixed salad and 1/2 slice wholegrain bread
Pasta bake with tomato sauce served with a crunchy green salad, a pear


Day 4 & Day 11

40g (11/2oz) porridge oats cooked in water and milk from allowance and 1 tsp runny honey
1 x 175g (6oz) sweet potato baked in skin, topped with 4 tbsp baked beans
Pork burgers: mix 115g (4oz) lean minced pork with chopped onion, grated
apple and chopped sage, shape into burgers and grill for 6 mins each
side. Serve in a wholegrain bap, with 1 tsp mustard plus salad

Day 5 & Day 12

3 low-fat meat sausages or 4 Quorn sausages, grilled, served with 150g (5oz) grilled tomatoes and 150g (5oz) grilled mushrooms
Omelette made with 2 eggs, a spray of oil, 75g (3oz) chopped mixed peppers, 1/2 red onion and chopped fresh herbs
Baked Cod served with 150g (5oz) boiled new potatoes (with skins) and seasonal vegetables or salad


Day 6 & Day 13

1 medium slice toasted wholegrain bread topped with 1 x 150g can baked beans
1 x 100g (3 1/2oz) can pink salmon, mixed with salad leaves and cherry tomatoes served with 1 small wholegrain roll
Shepherd's Pie served with seasonal vegetables of your choice (excluding potatoes)

Day 7 & Day 14

1 1/2 slices toasted wholegrain bread topped with 1 x 200g can boiled plum tomatoes
2 slices wholegrain bread filled with salad plus 25g (1oz) chicken
Cheesie macaroni: dry-fry unlimited button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes
with a little spray oil. Mix in 115g (4oz) [cooked weight] boiled
macaroni and cover with low-fat bechamel sauce made with skimmed milk.
Top with 2 tsps grated low-fat cheese and grill

Power snacks (Choose one each of these mid morning and mid afternoon)

75g (3oz) seedless grapes, 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 pear, 2 satsumas, 1
peach or 2 kiwi fruit, a 100g pot 0.1% fat Actimel probiotic yogurt
drink, 3 celery sticks with 25g (1oz) low-fat cottage cheese,150g (5oz)
strawberries plus 1 tsp 0% fat Greek-style yogurt.


From the start of week three, add on 1 x 100-calorie dessert, 1 x
100-calorie treat of your choice (which can fall outside the low-fat,
low-Gi guidelines) and 1 alcoholic drink worth 100 calories.


Approx 100 kcal each. Select one per day
1 meringue nest with 50g (2oz) Yeo Valley Organic Raspberry Yogurt
200g (7oz) fresh fruit salad
1 yogurt or fromage frais (max 100 kcal and 5% fat)
1 x 110g Rosemary Conley Low Fat Belgian Chocolate Mousse
1 x 35g Rosemary Conley Low Gi Nutrition Bar (any flavour)


Treats with more than five per cent fat
20g (3/4oz) mixed nuts and raisins
1 x 23g Walkers Squares Ready Salted
2 McVitie's Jaffa Cakes

Treats with five per cent or less fat
6 Marks & Spencer Count On Us Chocolate Biscuit Sticks
1 Morrisons Eat Smart Chewy Cranberry Breakfast Bar
1 x 25g bag Jacob's Thai Bites

Approx 100 kcal each. Select one per day
1 x 150ml (5fl oz) glass red or dry white wine or champagne
1 double pub measure gin or vodka and slimline tonic
1 double pub measure whisky and Diet Coke
300ml (1/2 pint) pint beer, lager or dry cider try our Rosemary Conley recipes
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Okay, then don't eat the grapefruit... simple.

p speak

as much as i would like to start this diet and it does look very good. it would be ideal for me being diabetic, the one big drawback is that it is suggested that you eat grapefruit, well many diabetics on tablets are not allowed grapefruit as it reacts with the tablets


Okay... number one: Nicola, you are pregnant... your baby will need the extra fat and anything else you can give it.. do not try to lose weight while you are pregnant, not good. Two: I've been on the low GI diet for 2 weeks now and I've lost 4 pounds... it works, but I still get my sweet tooth cravings! Just allow yourself at least one day a week where you can have something sinful. Remember, the GI diet is also known as the 80:20 diet: follow it 80% of the time, cheat for 20%. Good luck gals!


I have just started today on the rosemary conley fat attack 2 week plan I need to lose 2 stone and am going to do her exercise vidioe everyday


Im 17 and feel fat and frumpy.. i want to lose 3 stone before june time. What diet would be best for me?


I have decided to try the Low GI diet and have persivered for three days so far. I have anderactive Thyroid and am taking Levothyroxine and Statins for elevated collesterol. My partner wants to join a gym locally, but I feel tired most of the time and wonder if my energy levels will rise significantly if I go with him. I am 63 years old, and still working most days.

sylvie mann

I had two slight strokes in october last year.I was eighteen and a half stone. I have been dieting and swimming every day since. I am now 15 stone and 12 lb but I need all the help I can get.I am 65 years old.It took me 50 years to get so fat. and I know it will take ages to get me to slim down to normal weight.


I have just found out that I am pregnant only approx 8 weeks and am keen to shift some excess weight from my hips. I exercise 5 times a week with body pump fitball swimming and aerobics but dont seem to be able to get rid of the excess fat. Would the GI diet be useful for me?


I have abour 3 stone to lose,and have tried many diets in the past-which i have failed on. I am gluten intollerant but would love to still do a low Gi diet. please somoebody help with suggestions


are there any known side-effects? need to know


Hi, I am looking at a diet that will be suitable for my diabetes, I have been a diabetic for 50 years type 1. I would like to loss a stone and have the hips and thigh dvd. for exercise. Need to know how the diet works before I try it

Emma Fold

I am not so keen on the diet - try to find any other diets around. That is what I did and I found one I wouldn't have thought to do. It is free, although budget looking!

Doug Tomms

Rosemary's just adding her twist to the low GI Diet. Might as well go to dedicated site with information and recipes like to lose weight. gi diet

linda marie surfleet

Yes it really does work...i stuck to the 21 day plan and have lost 8 1/2,,i did 1nt feel hungry either, i`ve loved making the recipes and eating them too, go on give it a try, it will work for you as well,,oh yes i bought my self a Roger Black gold ex bike and burn off cal`s while watching tv in the evening...


Rosemary Conley really is a great diet - no fads or point counting, just sensible eating and it's the only club to throw in an exercise class too! I've lost 2 stone so far!


When I planned to lose weight, I never knew where to start at first. Good thing I discovered Low Glycemic Diet Plan and until now, I have been enjoying being healthy and sexy. And I'm feelin' sexier everyday!

Christina Meyer Ferreira

I am 55 and was very inactive due to health problems and picked up some weight as well. I feel better now and would like to loose at least 3 stone. Can you help me.


Hi I am 5'1" and 10 stone 121bs!!! my cholesterol is raised,I am 51 and soon to be a matron of honour at my friends wedding, I was never overweight until I started comfort eating 3 years ago in a controlling relationship which I have since left. I have tried fat attack fortnight before but felt constantly hungry, I want to try low GI but wheat tends to bloat me help!!!!

Christine Fife

Hi can you help me please. I would like to try your diet please could you give me any advice.. I am 35 and had a major operation in jan also I have a underactive thyroid so i've put on alot of weight and I am also having problems with my knee,s due to my weight gain as i'm only 5ft 2in. I really need the support of a class as I am determined to lose weight.


I lost 6 stone in 4 weeks and i have never looked back

Marilyn Pratt

My colleague was just telling me about the classes you are having for people over 50's. I live in camberwell, are there any classes in that area? Please help!


Hi all, I hav tried many diets before and failed. I need to lose 4 stones I am not very active read about your diet seems intrestin but im really hooked on chicken curry and rice. HELP PLEASE. Sofie


i had a hysterecto my 3 years ago, was just starting to recover when i was diagnosed with under active thyroid. this in turn makes it so difficult to loose weight. trained for a few months to do a 10k run, did not loss an ounce! any suggestions or advice? i have been to your diet club prior to all this and lost 17 ibs in 8 weeks. i'm very active and do your salsa dvd 3-5 times weekly frustrated soul!


Rosemary Conley diet really works - FACT!! Great Value for money - includes diet and exercise in one session, all for the price of a simple weight watchers/slimming world weigh in! Great atmosphere and great instructor. Have lost 3 stone, on my way to my goal weight - come on!! Give it a go - you have nothing to lose (apart from the weight!)

linda crowe

i have 3 stone 7 lb to lose and have tryed many diets and lose wight but as soon as i stop the wight gos back on what can i do to keep to my right wight


I'm not overweight to look at I'm 5, 7 and 10 stone 7, I'm quite an athletic build and I have just lost 10 pounds and I want to lose about 7 more, I just want to keep in shape and lose the extra weight, I'm wondering if this diet will help me lose that extra weight? I try to go jogging every other day for about 40 mins, but I need something that I can easily stick to and not feel bad about actually eating food. Thanks!

maureen james

I am trying to find a dvd shape up and salsasize by rosemary conley

Josephine Allison

hi could you tell me my nearest rosmary connley club, i live in broadstairs kent.


hi can u tl me if theres any classes in glasgow i stay in castlemilk thanks

catherine harker

hi my name is catherine. I am 24 years old. live in durham with my parnets. I am half deaf and hearing. lots of speaking and sign language. I have deaf and hearing friends. from catherine

margaret parris

just a quick question. could you possibly tell me why I cannot find rosemary conley meals at asda anymore? I do my shopping at asda Bolton-manchester and asda trafford park-manchester. I am very disappointed as they dont seem to sell them anymore. I really enjoy your meals and at the moment i am struggling really hard to try and loose half a stone that i gained at christmas. I am training most days at the gym and have given up chocolate during the week but to no success the weight is ust not shifting. Perhaps at the age of 45 it must get alot harder. Like most peope I dont have the time to cook in the evenings but i try my best not to have big or over fattening meals. I am aware of high fat foods and used to be obsessed with my fat intake,but as ive got older ive not taken it as serious as i used to do. So if there are any little tips you could give me i would be very grateful. and if you know of asdas reasons for not stocking your meals anymore please let me know and could you possibly let me know here else i could buy them. Hope to hear from you soon. thanking you MRS M PARRIS.

Sue Osullivan

Hi i was wondering where abouts in Swindon theres a class..and what day and time? If someone could get back to me...Thankyou =] x

Jeanette Drysdale

Hi can someone tell me when the classes start on a thursday night at the Strathearn Hotel in Kirkcaldy

gloria read

would like to know where classes are held near to or in Peterborough. and on which days or nights

Dina Hollingsbee

Hi I just come on the websit, as I just been told from the doctor that I have PCOS and I need to follow a Low GI diet. So thank to my friend I'm going to join today.

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