How does the Blood Type Diet work?

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Dr D'Adamo believes blood types evolved at different times in history so what you should be eating depends on what your ancestors were eating when your particular blood type evolved.

After finding out which blood type you are, you follow the diet Dr D'Adamo recommends. He reckons your body will find it easier to digest the 'right' kinds of food for your blood type so you'll lose weight.

Who is the Blood Type Diet good for?

People who eat too much junk food. By encouraging you to think about what your ancestors ate, you'll probably start eating more natural foods.

What are the drawbacks of the Blood Type Diet?

According to many experts, this diet isn't based on any proven medical research.

You need to know your blood type before you start.

Cutting out a whole food group in the long term could have serious consequences. Avoiding dairy products, for example, could lead to a calcium deficiency.

What can you eat on the Blood Type Diet?

People with blood group O are told to eat lots of meat and fish but no dairy or wheat products.

Blood group A's recommended diet is pasta, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

People with blood group B get off lightly. The only foods out of bounds are processed ones although nuts and seeds aren't recommended.

AB blood group are supposed to eat a combination of diets designed for the A and B blood groups.

Typical day's diet

Blood type O
Breakfast: Fruit.
Lunch: Tuna with lettuce and spinach salad.
Dinner: Lean steak with roasted vegetables.

Blood type A
Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter, grapefruit juice
Lunch: Vegetable soup, two slices of wholemeal bread, dried apricots
Dinner: Lentil and green bean salad

Blood type B
Breakfast: Porridge and a banana
Lunch: Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad
Dinner: Lamb and pepper kebabs with brown rice

Blood type AB
Breakfast: Rice puffs with skimmed milk, pineapple juice
Lunch: Mozzarella and tomato salad, rye bread, kiwi fruit
Dinner: Turkey stir-fry with brown rice

Top tip for the Blood Type Diet

Do your research before you decide to follow this diet. For example, if you're vegetarian and a blood type O, you're going to have a problem!

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II&#146m blood type A & have been following blood type diet since February 2006. I lost 15 kg in 6 months & than I stop sticking to it 100%. I&#146m maintaining my weight and even though that I stop smoking in May 2007 I managed to keep it. I now know which foods are and which aren&#146t beneficial for me & mostly I try to eat beneficial food, which is not always possible. Problem is that my weight is now on a standstill & doesn&#146t move anymore, even though I would like to lose another 10 kg. I feel better and more energetic after this diet. Eating meat always made me tired & I had heartburn, but in the book I discovered that I&#146m not supposed to eat it anyway. I stay away from meat now & would have an odd chicken breast up to 3 times a month. It is funny, that the food I&#146m supposed to avoid is the food I never liked anyway, well, except potatoes, that is :-( That is the only thing I miss, but I substitute it with parsnip. The most important thing you have to know about it is that THIS IS NOT A DIET &#150 IT&#146S THE WAY OF LIFE!

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