Ten Days To Get Back Into Your Jeans Diet Days 2 and 3

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Day 2

1/2 small honeydew melon
85g/3oz unsweetened muesli, drizzled with unsweetened orange juice
1 banana
2 slices wafer-thin ham with 2 small potatoes, boiled, with 1tsp cr? fra?e
1 small carton bio yogurt
1 apple
Herby omelette made from 2 small free-range eggs, handful of fresh parsley and black pepper
Small baby-leaf salad with 1tsp oil-free dressing

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Day 3

Banana and almond smoothie:
Blend 250ml/9fl oz semi-skimmed milk with 1 small ripe banana, chopped, a handful of fresh raspberries, 1tsp ground almonds and 1tsp runny honey
Tuna and rocket sandwich:
Open sandwich made with 1 slice rye bread, handful of rocket leaves and 1/2 small can tuna (tinned in spring water), with 1tsp reduced-fat mayonnaise mixed in
1 pear
Chicken and pepper kebab:
Thread 1 small chicken breast fillet, cubed, alternately with 1 green pepper, cubed, and 2 button mushrooms on skewers. Brush with 1tsp olive oil and grill for 10-15 mins or until cooked through. Serve with 55g/2oz couscous and a small baby-leaf salad, with 1tsp oil-free dressing

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Julie Johnson

I cannot find a diet that suits my lifestyle as I work nights from 22.00 till 07.00 & also a shift known as a short night from 19.00 till 03.00. i have tried most of them but none really suits, they seem to work when I am on normal shifts and assoon as I go on nights I can feel really bloated as I am sitting down for 9hrs

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