Ten Days To Get Back Into Your Jeans Diet Days 4 and 5

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Day 4

1 slice wholemeal toast topped with 1 small free-range egg, poached
1 glass unsweetened orange juice
1 ready-made chicken or roasted veg wrap
Pesto pasta 55g/2oz (dried weight) wholemeal spaghetti, stirred with 1 level tbsp pesto sauce, 1tbsp shaved Parmesan and handful rocket. Serve with 1/2 red onion, sliced, and 2 cherry tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic vinegar

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Day 5

25g/1oz wholegrain cereal with 125ml/4fl oz semi-skimmed milk, topped with 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced, and 2tsp sunflower seeds
2tbsp reduced fat taramasalata, with sticks of cucumber, celery and carrot.
1 wholemeal pitta
4 black olives
Salmon with roasted tomatoes:
1 medium salmon fillet, brushed with olive oil, wrapped in a foil parcel with 6 cherry tomatoes, halved, and handful of fresh basil. Cook in the oven at Gas 4/180°C/350°F for 10-15 mins. Serve with 3 new potatoes and a baby-leaf salad with 1tsp oil-free dressing

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Elizabeth Baillie

i have a night out soon and have been putting my diet off for weeks. i thought it was probably too late by now, but i saw this and was quite happy for a moment. saddly the food plan sounds far to difficult to stick too. like all diets i have tried the food seems unappetising and would never fill me up. it has made me think that i could still loose weight in time if i really give it a go so thanks for that.

lisa burling

Thank you for giving me a glimmer of hope that i may one day get back into my size 12's, being a size 14 at the mo is ok but i don't want to stay like this for ever. When i saw the article i clicked as quick as i could, printer poised, but to my dismay i, sadly will have to give it a miss. the diet is a little fussy for me. I am single working parent of a 2 year old and would find it hard to get him to eat most of the foods on the diet. Plus the extra expence of the foods would be out of my weekly budget. Would there be any alternative i could try? Thanks again Lisa

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