Mint as medicine

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There are many varieties of mint each with its own flavour and some whose medicinal use goes back to the Roman Empire. It's a great mental stimulant that helps keep you awake and it's one of the best antacids for the treatment of indigestion. Just chew the leaf or use it to make tea.


Boiled onions are a traditional cure for chest infections, in Paris onion soup cures a hangover, the Chinese make a poultice for boils and in Europe they treat urinary infections. Eat your onions cooked or raw, but try to eat some every day.


This delicious exotic fruit has been a healing food since the earliest times. The rich content of natural enzymes bring instant relief from sore throats, tonsillitis, indigestion, bruising and can even reduce the risk of blood clots. Eat fresh, or as juice.

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Not the laxative of the old music hall jokes but undoubtedly the most protective of all foods. A hundred grams provides more than a whole day's need of protective anti-oxidants making them healthier than blueberries, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. They help prevent heart disease, cancer, blood pressure and even wrinkles. They're also a very gentle laxative.

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